Shaw PET carpeting? Is this the bad old stuff?

susankaMarch 10, 2007

Hi -- I'm really confused now. I went to a carpet retailer, found some carpet samples to bring home for DH and I to take to our new home and decide on. I liked the Mohawk SmartStrand in the store, but both samples of that are the wrong color. The store is 85 miles away, one way, so I was hoping not to have to go back there again. (We live out in the country.)Turns out that of the ones I brought home, we liked the look of Shaw "Companionship" best. The salesman in the store told me it was on "special," which made me suspicious. After reading some threads here, I see on the back of the sample it says "100@ BCF Cleartouch PET polyester." Is this the bad old polyester that crushes badly,etc., you folks are talking about?

We're empty nesters, are going to be getting 2 cats, have a very light-filled house with big windows, so stains, fading, and carpet crushing down are our concerns, as I suppose they are everybody else's.

Thanks for any advice.

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Lynne Reno

Unless they improved it about 1000% I would never use polyester carpet again. I had it for two years and replaced it. It absorbs oil and you can't get it out. It's just me and hubby here, and we really aren't that bad of slobs, but after about 6 months we were embarrased to have company because of the appearance of the carpet.

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Thanks, lynneblack. Maybe that's what we had in our last new home (not custom, and I didn't know to check what the carpet was made of). Spots kept appearing like magic. We never could figure out what they were from. I think we're going to go with SmartStrand (which isn't a polyester, although I was told it was put in that category when it first came out because there was no place else to put it).

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I have called Shaw themselves and asked about the "Companionship", which is a cross reference from a carpet sample that I had gotten from a retailer called Shanghai. We are thinking of putting this in our home also, they told me that most of the time when people spill something they put a cleaning solution on the spot, then when it looks clean the solution leaves a residue, which attracts the dirt. The carpet itself they said is great, it does have a 10yr wear, 10yr R2X warranties. Have you called Shaw themselves for the spots and asked what their suggestion is to clean the spots?
I also live a long ways away from carpet dealers(73 miles), I am getting so confused with what carpet to get.

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PET has absolutely been improved from the old polyesters. There are tradeoffs with any fiber. PET don't fade and are very stain resistant. The matting is a function of how its constructed. If its a twist, textured or frieze (which is the best) it will perform very well. Unless someone knows exactly what the carpet style is you won't get information that is satisfactory to you. Your answer is yes its a good fiber providing its constructed to perform well. Shaw also made builder carpet from polyester that was less than 24 oz so yes in six months it would have looked lousy, but that wasnt because of the fiber.

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100 % nylon carpet is better then polyester, or PET Polyester. Whenever possible you should purchase nylon carpeting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carpet Manufacturers Warehouse

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Hello all, I am new to and came here looking for some other information when I stumbled onto this post. I have been installing carpet professionally here in Northern Colorado for about 20 years (I am only 34). Most of my life has been in the flooring business and now I am in sales.

That said I notice that in most of the replies to this post no one has bothered to mention what type of vacuum is being used to regularly clean the floor and how often are these carpets shampooed or steam cleaned. This, especially with polyesters has a significant effect on how polyester will age and wear. As was said before using a spot remover leaves a residue and it really does we see the spots that it leaves on a regular basis, dirt loves spot removers.

Friction burns are usually the cause for the dark look that polyesters get in high traffic areas so taking off shoes on these carpets would be something I would recommend to anyone purchasing these materials.

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Also it should be noted that polyesters are usually a downgraded carpet in comparison to a nylon or wool carpet. So if money is an issue then polyester or polypropylene carpets should be looked at. If you are willing to pay then don't even bother with a polyester. And stay away from Berbers unless you don't like that room.

Remember we get what we pay for, and be sure to look for an honest sales-rep that will shoot straight with ya! :)

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The previous two posts were great until the berber comment. Berber has lost its appeal in the world of design and fashion....but that is not the reference. (looped carpet)sometimes referred to as berber carpet can be an excellent choice for performance. I just wanted readerd to not be misinformed. Good Luck all and Merry Christmas!

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