Quadra Fire 7100 fp vs Xtrodinair FPX 36 Elite

ahrenoNovember 29, 2008

Anyone have any thoughts on these two? I've pretty much decided on getting one of these two to heat (most) of my 1800 sqft 2 story home.

It looks like the 7100 allows you to "pipe" hot air to other rooms as well as suck air to be reheated... It doesn't look like the FPX 36 can do this. Is this a feature i should be lookin for? I dont know much about fireplaces.

It looks like neither unit is able to do armo therapy inserts? is there anyway to do aromatherapy with either unit? (thats not a dealbreaker but would be nice feature)

They seem to be pretty close in price. Anyone have anything to say pro or con for either unit?

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Another note... I really prefer the single door style... i can't seem to find any alternative doors for the 7100... is it available in a single door?

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I would post your questions on hearth.com.

Good luck.

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