Quadrafire Sapphire Gas Stove

rainidameNovember 19, 2005

Last year I replaced my furnace with a Quadrafire Sapphire gas stove that looks like a woodstove, but isn't. When they installed it, they claimed . . .they had adjusted it properly, that the logs provided HAD to go in exactly the spaces provided with no additional logs to be added, and so on.

Well, I found that they didn't adjust it at all. This year before starting it up, I pulled a few things and had the installation book in one hand. . .the flue was wide open, which it shouldn't be, I wouldn't think if I want the heat to stay here. . . And the damper, was closed completely.

So upon reading the installation instructions, it tells you how to adjust both of these for flame color and size, but it tells me nothing of the heat. Is bluer and smaller hotter or cooler than longer and oranger?? Anyone know?

Also, just cuz I don't obey well, I have purchased some extra ceramic logs and attempted to improve the sparse look. I have been careful not to block any burner opening, though a few pieces are up in the way of these two huge center flames to disperse them a bit and make it look nicer.

They have been in since yesterday, and so far the only difference I notice is that the stove cools more slowly when it is turned off. Anyone have any reasons I may not be considering related to adding these extra logs?

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The quadrafire sapphire is a nice looking stove. Were the original logs set according to the instructions diagram? It may not matter, but you can call technical support regarding adding additional logs to be sure.

FYI. I purchased the Heat-N-Glo Tiara II gas stove, was just installed this weekend. Flame looks great with just original logs.

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You shouldn't be adding/subtracting anything from ANY gas stove unless you have it in writing from the factory that you can do this. AND it can only be with factory-approved items.

No doubt, you already voided any remaining warranty you may have and it will not work the way it was designed. Excessive sooting of the glass will be one sign that it is not functioning properly. And if you wake up dead, that is another sign.

You really should get a factory approved tech to adjust/inspect it before using it further.

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Wow, Xandra, sorry I seem to have upset you. However last year I left everything alone and my gas bills went skyhigh because the installer and supposed person in the know, screwed up and as I have been doing a great deal of remodeling this year; I have found dozens of places where the pro installer/contractors have screwed up; so I no longer have the reverent trust in their professional ability. I've decided that personal education and trial and error will give me truly accurate answers.

Don't worry I can't end up dead, it is a closed system all air in and out is through the chimney. And nothing I have done will cause it to explode or anything like that.

The soot on glass you suggest is not currently happening, the only place I am getting soot is just above one of the huge flames right next to the flue, where I have been getting a bit of soot all along; another reason I am trying to improve what I was left with. It is about down now to about the size of a quarter and does not seem to advance into the flue itself.

Jasper, mine was mostly fine for flame except that main thrust of the flame came out as two HUGE flames through the center and straight out the flue. Even upon choosing the shorter and bluer adjustments, those two flames just needed something to break it up a bit. Yes, I did have the precisely placed logs with pegs and such to be sure they were properly placed. I have left those pretty much as is, and have only added two small ceramic logs to break up those two flames.

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I'm not upset with you.
I am only concerned for your well-being and safety.

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regarding your question about flue/damper settings. I didn't see any info in my manual either on how it impacts your heat or efficiency. As you stated, it just says adjust for flame color or height preference.
Anyway, I have a blower on mine. I think it helps the efficiency a lot.

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jasper, I would've thought that too, but I have mine in a double sided fireplace and on a thermostat. . . so in just the past two days I have used just a little house fan to see if it helped or hurt. . .I have been of the opinion that the flow of air with the open situation would be enough flow and did not buy the blower, but it never hurts to test and a blower can be added. . .well I have just finally turned it (the fan) off altogether, the house "feels" much cooler all the time even though the thermostat says it is the same temp. . . also the fireplace pops on and off more often, seems the radiant method takes a bit longer to effect the thermostat, but then holds about three hours longer.

For example. . . starting at 65F at 6am, all things being equal EXCEPT whether or not a fan was used; without the fan the house came up to temp at about 12:30pm and stayed off till about 2:30-3:00 depending on the amount of sun. Day and night outside temps have been very uniform as we are in an inversion, 20L 48H both in farenheit.

with the fan, it kicks off about 11:45, but it comes back on between four and six more times between then and 3:00. Note that I did turn the fan off when the stove turned off as it would be normally with the factory blower, I think.

However I do think that if I had it in a one sided fireplace I would not be so lucky, and some blower would be needed. Here before long my cooking stove will be on the other side of the fireplace but at it is only 30" across a 36" opening, I expect it will give good airflow so long as I use vents for surrounding the stove and not solid pieces.

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Alright folks, I've been testing testing testing. Here is what I found out. All things being equal (by chance including the temp highs and lows outside), the stove I have out on the hearth (Quadrafire Sapphire), rear vented then 90degrees up the chimney. . .best heat output was with the front damper open (fully left) and the flue as closed as the adjustment will allow. With this setting and no fan (figured off to maintain consistency for testing)the hottest draft coming off of the stove was 225f on high.

Now I am never satisfied, so I delved deeper into the stove and adjusted a few other things we owners are not supposed to touch and I have managed to get 305f on low (34% increase plus on low rather than high) in that same draft. But of course I have voided my warrantee and I only did it cuz I learned a bunch on how the stove works. So I won't be sharing this information, but for those who may think themselves capable, ask yourself how the catalytic on a woodstove works, and you'll think of something.

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Yahoo! Well, my gas bill just showed up and I am pleased to say that though December was WAY colder than November with two weeks having lowsof 7f and highs of 20f; my gas usage dropped dramatically! This is very important to me as I have literally replaced the gas furnace with this little Sapphire Stove. Also compared to last December which was not as cold as this December and wherein I still had the full central gas furnace with no sapphire stove, I also used less, though not as dramatically.

Now I am looking a Therms and not Dollars of the bill as prices have gone up here as they have nationwide.

Oh, and I'm still here so I guess I'm not COing myself, as some have legitimately warned me about, and I was careful to attend that concern.

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yeah, thats a good point. I have to admit my December gas bill was high, but not as high as I was expecting.
1. December was a fairly cold month in minnesota.
2. I added a 1000 sq ft to house with basement remodel.
3. I burn my new heat-n-glo tiaraII gas stove several times a week.
4. Increase in natural gas prices.


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jasper, I do not think I would've been happy with my December bill if I had not been tweeking their vent system as my November comparison (pre-tweek) was NOT at all hopeful. The November05 to November04 implied that the sapphire was NOT a good replacement for a central heater (well if you added a portion of the electric which would have been for the huge central blower it was about even).

I have a 1350 sqft home, all one level. No fireplace blower as I didn't like my test with the blower, but the ceiling fan test was excellent both for air flow and raising the heat by the thermostat down the hall faster than the fireplace blower.

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i am selling my quadrafire sapphire gas stove...it has barely been used.. it works great..it heats my entire home..i have infant children that like to touch it when its hot(unfortunately)....i am selling it for $800.00 obo.....my name is james...248-481-0621...thank u

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