Multi-width Flooring

mcderionMarch 8, 2013

We're currently in the process of picking out a hardwood floor (for new construction) and have a design question. The area that will be covered is approximately 700 sq. ft., and is an open area that encompasses the kitchen, dining and living area (it's very loft like).We're leaning toward a multi-width floor (3" - 4" - 5"). Does anyone have a sense of what the visual impact would be (e.g., formal, modern, country)? Also we could go with something other than a 3-4-5 repeating pattern ... for example, 5-3-4-3.

If it's of any help, we're looking at (solid hardwood) products from Chelsea and Homerwood.

From Homerwood:
-- Hickory Smoked Red Saddle -- smooth surface with an oil finish (i.e., not a urethane, and with no shine to speak of)

From Chelsea:
-- Hickory Clear Grade, Dark Brown w/ Red Undertone Stain, Satin Finish

-- Hickory Character Grade, Dark Brown w/ Red Undertone Stain,Textured Matte Finish

Any thoughts or suggestions?



p.s., This is being done through a builder, so our choice of manufacturers is limited; and, from that limited list, Chelsea and Homerwood seemed the best.

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3,4,5" can give a different feel. But depends on how much you stare at the floor.

Go with the simple 345 order. If you try for 5343 or any othe combo you will spend more because each box contains a mix of 345. So if you doubled the 3" you would need to buy more to compensate for the added rows of 3" and you would have A LOT. Of 4,5" left over.

You can do it anyway you want but keep in mind the extra money and left over material by doing so.

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Nice, I love the black river hickory from Chelsea (great company btw... and USA grown/made).

I have no feedback on the multi-width issue...I personally don't care for the look. I'm sure you'll receive more input here tho.

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Thanks, that's definitely something to keep in mind if we choose a Chelsea product (which does come "premixed"). As for the Homerwood product, the widths are ordered separately. So while there will be some waste when ordering multiple widths versus a single width, it shouldn't be too bad.

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