Wool carpet and pets

Debbi BrankaMarch 15, 2013

Does anyone have wool carpet and pets? I've heard and read that it doesn't stain as easily. My biggest concern is if there's a pet accident on the carpet, have you been able to clean it up fully? Is the wool carpet soft and amazing? The sample I felt was and I'd really love to have it, but we have 3 Chihuahuas and 1 cat (also grandsons!) so I'm concerned. Thanks!

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If you clean up any issues right away - actually, even if it's NOT right away (I use Spot Shot, that stuff is like miracle cleaner) - you'll be fine. LOVE wool carpet, if you're going to do carpet. :)

I've had 3 cats and a dog!

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Debbi Branka

Thank you duchamp!

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No problem! What color are you thinking of going with? I have a pale creamy yellow with a pattern texture. It is light enough to show dirt and stains...obviously the lighter you go, the more will show. But again, it's not that hard to keep clean and I got an anti-stain application when I bought it which helps surely...but it's been so long that I don't remember what application they used....

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Debbi Branka

Light blue or light gray. The ones I love are kind of a print. And yes, they will probably show stains! I'm thinking of trying it in our bedroom first. The dogs sleep with us, but they are too little to jump off the bed, so they are never really on our bedroom carpet. Maybe see how that goes, and later try it in the living room too. What about up the stairs? That gets a lot of wear and dirt. Would that be a waste? I'm not thrilled about carpet not matching though.

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I have a darker color on my entryway staircase. Once you reach the living room, it's the lighter yellow I mentioned previously, and, that same light yellow on the 2nd stairway going up to the bedroom level. There's nothing awkward about the color difference, the way I did it. But it sounds to me like you'll be fine, just have it cleaned now and then. Your dogs sound easy....mine is a big English Lab who plays in the dirt and goes swimming!

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I have a light area rug, love it. I've cleaned a stain or three, one part vinegar/one part water sprayed lighly, white rag cloth layed over and then steam iron to pull off stain. Test first.

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