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bigboy96March 8, 2012

Hello I had some questions I am having to replace some of the sub floor in my bathroom. Now that I have done that I am using the hardie back board. Do I have to use tile or can I use the self stick vinyl tille. Also I was told to use some stuff to put under the hardie board I am doing that but on my sub floor the boards are gapped is that still ok to use or do I need to do something else


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Does anyone come on this site to help out the needy LOL

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CBU's such as Hardi or Durock are typically used on a floor as a good substrate for ceramic tile....which is preferable to vinyl, IMO. If you're doing this, you should spread thinset, with a 1/4x1/4" trowel underneath it. The thinset should be mixed a bit "loose," in other words, it should barely hold a ridge when troweled. "Walk" it down firmly and then screw it in with the screws about 6-8" around the perimeter and about every 10" in the field.

The thinset gives it support and fills the voids. The screws hold it down.

If you are tiling it on top, wet but don't soak the board before applying the thinset....that stuff can be "thirsty" and suck the moisture out of the thinset...

Keep us posted.

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You can use it to help create a clean level surface over a subfloor or other rigid flooring surface.

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