Vanguard Furniture buyers BEWARE!

gsgsMay 8, 2009

I bought a very expensive slipcovered sofa (made by VANGUARD FURNITURE in North Carolina) from Domain Home Furnishings in Massachusetts several years ago and was told there was a "lifetime warranty" on the frame, cushions, etc. via the manufacturer's warranty. The slipcover disintegrated gradually after ONE dry cleaning (no warranty on this from Vanguard)then within one year, the seat cushions became lumpy, uneven, and uncomfortable. I'm a single adult and this sofa got limited use.

Domain went bankrupt last year but I called before this happened and they said to contact Vanguard for free cushion replacements.

I just got around to calling Vanguard and was kept on hold indefinitely so hung up, called back, got one recorded message after another, then tried again the next day. Same thing... I never got a live person and the operater was obnoxious and rude. I gave up and emailed them and never got a response.

I called again, got the same rude operator and explained I wanted a LIVE person to speak to and she connected me to a "Laurie Hoover" who said she was the supervisor. I told Laurie my cushions were falling apart and she said, "where did you buy the sofa?" and when I said "Domain," she snidely said, "we don't cover warranties if the store goes out of business." She was abrupt, rude, and OBNOXIOUS when I asked WHY Vanguard refused to honor THEIR OWN warranty just because Domain (or any store) goes out of business which should have NOTHING to do to with the sofa warranty since THEY manufactured it, she refused to answer. She refused to replace the cushions and said that was Vanguard's policy, period. I asked who the CEO was and was told his name is John Bray. Laurie then said that SHE was an owner of Vanguard also. Woe to consumers who buy a Vanguard product if SHE'S an owner!

Vanguard is making a sofa for PRESIDENT OBAMA and I hope he gets treated better if he needs warranty coverage!

I've never dealt with a company so rude and obnoxious and will NEVER buy anything made by Vanguard again. No matter where you buy a sofa or chair, please look at the manufacturer's tag and if it says "VANGUARD" avoid it like the plague. Unless you want to be treated like garbage by Laurie and crew.

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Have you contacted the CEO?

You may want to see if another Vanguard dealer in your area can help you. They may be willing to help to have goodwill with you.

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Vanguard's warranty states:

Frames/Springs/Seat Cores: Vanguard guarantees frames, springs, and seat cores for the life of the product. If they do not perform as expected under "normal conditions," these items will be repaired or replaced at No Charge, once our staff has determined "liability."

Vanguard has a good reputation in the industry. Email and phone calls often don't work for many furniture manufacturers, but letters and faxes do. My suggestion as someone who deals in the trade with this sort of thing is to write a factual letter (leave all rants and history out of it) that states:

1) Your Sofa Model number
2) Appx Date of Purchase and Store Name / Location
3) Printed photo of the piece showing core collapse
4) Your name and address
5) A request for core replacements
6) Print out or retyped the warranty policy and include it.

Mail or FAX to Vanguard, Customer Service, Warranty Claims

Then see what happens. My educated guess is you will have a set of cores appear at your doorstep in appx. 3 weeks time.

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I think that Domain customers should start a CLASS ACTION SUIT against Vanguard and that all consumers should know that if they buy a Vanguard piece and the store they bought if from goes out of business, that Vanguard will refuse to honor their own lifetime warranty. I'm reporting them to the Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau.
There is NOTHING in their warranty language that excludes warranty due to bankrupt stores.
I doubt that the CEO gives a damn because IF he did, he'd never hire the obnoxious likes of "Laurie" and the operator who abuse customers. WHY should I have to do all this work, writing, faxing, photos, etc., just to get them to honor their warranty when they should just do it without forcing customers to waste inordinate time?
Screw them. I'll write a letter to Obama just so he knows what kind of deceptive and nasty company he bought a sofa from.

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You show yourself to be unreasonable and not looking for a solution, just a way to damage a company with a good reputation. Are you a disgruntled employee with either Vanguard or Domain? I suspect so. You have no posting history here on this forum, and don't heed the advice given you. Your rant has no validity.

BTW, I have sold product to The White House. Only insiders in on the deal know of the brands, that's kept very quiet and non-commercial. If you know that as well, I suspect you are a ex-Vanguard employee with a grudge, and you just registered here the day of your first post. You are not the first ex-employee to go to the forums to try to trash their former company. There are a lot of layoffs in the furniture business right now, and if you lost your job there, I'm sorry....but this is no way to extract retribution.

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The story was first printed in the Hickory Record and if you google Vanguard Furniture also. Did the label on the slipcover fabric say "dry clean only"? Could help you more if knew which type of seat cushions you had. How is the back cushions performing?

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As Laurie Hoover (VP of Account Relations/stock holder) explained to GSGS, Vanguard Furniture Company does indeed provide a lifetime-warranty for all of its cataloged products. We are proud of our quality and stand behind our products.

In the case with Domain Furniture, Vanguard was one of many manufacturers that acted as an O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer). As such, Vanguard neither designed, marketed, nor cataloged any Domain products, and our brand name and implied warranties were never used in conjunction with the sale Domain products. These products were solely DomainÂs intellectual property, and they were responsible for warranty claims.

In the course of business Domain offered their customers replacement cushions on a per charge basis. Laurie Hoover offered to replace GSGSÂs cushion at the same per cost basis that all Domain customers were offered in accordance with DomainÂs business practices. Since Vanguard never manufactured Domain cushion cores, we simply charge Domain customers our cost from DomainÂs cushion supplier.

I hope this explains the rather complicated relationship between all parties and the reasoning behind our offer to GSGS. We are willing and anxious to help GSGS solve her sofa problems.

-John A. Bray
Senior Vice President of Sales
Vanguard Furniture Company

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I think that if FCVG statement is true that the problem was Domain furniutre going bankrupt and not with Vanguard. I can understand being frustrated by this predicament but it seems Vanugard is offering a solution that though not free would fix the issue you are having with those pieces.

You could also check with a local upholstery about getting cushions core and see what they would warrant them.

Good luck.

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We love the quality and looks of our Vanguard sofa upholstered in silk and would definitely purchase from them again.

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I too purchased a Vanguard sofa at Hearns Furniture in North Little Rock, AR for $5266.00 in Jan. 2010 and after less than a year the cushions have not held their shape and it is just me that utilizes them. The cushions sat nice in the store but look out a few months later. I contacted the store and was told "they are what they are", Vanguard will not take care of them and was refered to an upholstry store. I am embarrased when company comes over so I am having to get new core cushions as an expense to myself. I have purchased many sofas in the past and the cushions have never deteriorated as these have. No, I would never buy a Vanguard sofa again!

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I had the SAME exact problem with a Vanguard sofa bought from Domain! The seat cushions were a lumpy mess after about a year and my slipcover also frayed and became a disaster after two dry cleanings (which is the manufacturer's recommendation, dry clean only).
I also called Vanguard and was treated like SHITTT and was abruptly told they would NOT replace the seat cushions for free and would charge over $100 for each cushion plus shipping.

Then I read the post from the CEO who claims they didn't make the seat cushions but he rfuses to state who actually made them.
So what do we have here, a sofa manufactured by many different parties? I HAVE NEVER HEARD SUCH GARBAGE! They made the seat cushions and maybe farmed out the slipcover.
WHO makes a sofa and doesn't make the seat cushions also? Please tell me some examples of this, Mr. A-hole CEO?
So no one is responsible for the cushions?

Vanguard is a well known scamming scum bag company who refuses to honor their "warranties" and they should be sued via class action. Bunch of rude, obnoxious, a-holes.

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I have said numerous times on this forum that upholstery manufactures do not make the filling that is in your seat or back cushions - pillows of your sofas or chairs. They purchase the cushion fills from various fabricators. These fabricators buy blocks of various types of foam from foam suppliers/pourers. Then they cut - sew - glue - and assemble the cushions per each upholstery manufacturers specifications.

I have also said that you should never buy upholstery that does not have the actual manufacturer name on the sofa or chair etc. You also should call the manufacturer to check that the retailer is a authorized retailer of their products. Ask the manufacturer to give clear details of the warranty and how any claims will be handled.

Doing this will help you avoid buyers remorse and warranty issues.

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I am sorry you did not have a good experience with Vanguard but I will tell you as a rule Vanguard produces a very high quality product and quite frankly they make one of the best products in the industry. They do use hardwood plywood frames and some are stick built but they also use a very good spring system. Their fabric selection is massive and oustanding.

Perhaps Domain and Herns were trying to have a look and feel and specfied a cushion that was inappropriate.

Try reaching out to Vanguard again and explain your concerns. Try contacting Mr. Bray above I am sure he will help you.

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