To buy furniture or not to buy furniture?...that is the question.

covenantbuildersMay 30, 2010

I posted on the "Home Decorating" forum also but thought I might get some good advice here also.

We are in the market to buy some bedroom furniture. Have narrowed it down to Kincaid "Chateau Royale" or Durham "Marquis de Lafayette". I am having trouble finding floor samples to see "in person". I have seen other collections from these companies and like their workmanship.

Time is now a factor because Boyles Furniture is offering free shipping until tomorrow and it will save us quite a bit of money. They also gave us a great quote on the Kincaid. Would you buy furniture without seeing an actual floor sample?

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I don't think I have ever "tested" a bed before I bought it, I don't see an issue with buying it without seeing it.

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Nope....I would want to see at least part of the grouping in person, touch it and look at it from all sides before I popped for that kind of money.
I have had enough problems with ordering a piece in a certain color or finish after seeing seeing something in a furniture show room.
Linda C

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What did you decide?
Did you order?

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