Painting (without stripping) Wooden Armoire

kellieslpMay 3, 2009

I found this forum when I began researching on how to paint furniture. I hope someone here can help because I have read lots of conflicting information!

I bought a nice quality (but not sure of the wood type) wooden armoire that has a light stain or varnish on it (it is somewhat glossy but you can see the wood grain and it has been lightly whitewashed I think). I had it moved into the bedroom and it is sooooo heavy I cannot just move it to the garage to strip. I am going to have to paint it in my bedroom and just put something over the carpet.

Given these restrictions..should I sand it or paint with an oil based primer or neither? One person suggested a liquid stripper of some sort?

I like the old world or two toned distressed look.

It will be the bedroom with my other cherry wood bedroom furniture so it would be great to somehow bring in a cherry tone to it as well.

One person mentioned an artist supply that like a Micheals arts/crafts store? or should I go to a hardware store for my materials?

Please help..I'm overwhelmed!

Thank you!!

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Striping is definitely an outside project, its quite messy and smelly. Do not do it inside, you may be overcome by the fumes. At best you will ruin your carpet.

Its very difficult to attempt to achieve a wood stain over a painted piece. Leave that to a professional.

Wipe it all down with Mineral Spirits.
Sand it with 150 grit. Scuff sand is all you need.
Paint using an oil base.
Go over with a toner coat if desired.
Seat with a Spray Lacquer topcoat.
Steel wool it with # 0000.

All done!

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