Vermont Castings-Flue handle is stuck

marveyNovember 29, 2009

I have just acquired a 1986 Vermont Castings Defiant Encore. I moved it myself and after I got it into the house I found that the flue was stuck closed with the handle in the open position. I don't want to force anything. Any ideas about how one gets at this mechanism? Thanks for any help.

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I assume you mean that the damper is stuck. First, the handle should point down when the damper is closed, horizontal when it is open. With the stove pipe removed, you will be able to see the damper when you look straight down. When closed the damper rests on a removable cast iron plate that fits between the fireback and the rearmost casting. Sometimes this plate can shift enough to catch on the edge of the damper and keep it from opening. Re-seating the plate properly (sometimes a difficul task) should free the damper.

The handle itself is has a set screw which holds it tight to the shaft which turns the damper. A loose set screw may have allowed the handle to go to the open position even though the damper is stuck closed.This could easily have happened if someone tried to force the damper open by applying excessive force to the handle.

If your stove has a catalytic burner, there is also a bypass mechanism that may have become stuck. If you don't have a manual with a diagram of the stove, you may be able to find one at

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