One reason I haven't saved much...

talley_sue_nycJuly 7, 2005

I've been supposed to be saving like a maniac ever since we paid off the mortgage 4 years ago. But I haven't saved that much in my savings account.

We're not extravagant, but of course it's easy to nickel-and-dime yourself into debt.

I was feeling like a failure, until I looked at how much we owe on our HELOC that we took out to redo the kitchen: $8,000.

But we SPENT $30,000. That means I spent $22,000 in cash on the kitchen--so of course I couldn't save it!

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Good for you! My entire remodel has been pay-as-you-go, and it does mean that it takes much longer than I would have hoped, but it also means one less bill in the mail!

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When you rent money ...

... the owner wants compensation.

Which means less in your pocket, or less stuff that you can buy.

Borrowing money to buy capital goods may possibly make sense to me - but not for consumer goods.

Good wishes for making your money work well - for you. Or others, e.g. refugees, whom you want to help get a start in life.

ole joyful

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Well I think that's great! Congratulations on the new kitchen. Kitchens are supposed to be a great investment in a home (in addition to making your life easier/nicer), so hopefully you'll look at it that way!

You know, as long as you aren't spending it frivilously, my theory is money is meant to be USED. So if you are using it for something so constructive - don't feel bad. Now you can save for retirement/whatever you plan on.

And enjoy your new kitchen and have some dinner parties (ok frivilous spending - but after so much work you deserve it)!!

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Tally Sue... Sorry if this might offend you, but I'm really curious about this, and I may be wrong in my facts.

You edit/review books/articles from home. Can be done from anywhere. At one point I got an inkling that your husband is in the car biz, and I googled it... looked like he was doing pretty good. Your condo is less in s/f than my garage, and you're doing it with two kids.

I may have my assumptions wrong, but if I don't, why are you living in NYC???

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You are definitely wrong in many of your facts--I wonder who that guy in the car business is? Bcs he sure ain't my DH. Whose last name you probably don't know.

My DH is the "at-home dad"--working from home as a writer. Last year he earned about $8K (but his book is on Amazon, LOL!). So he's not really "doing pretty good."

And I don't write from home (I have a job that gives me 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there; that's why you see me post now and then during the day). I work in an office--we need the benefits, and the publishing industry is in NYC. It's an unstable field (I've worked in this field for 23 years and been laid off 7 times), and if I get laid off from a job, there are tons of other places I can get work without having to move. If I were to move to Des Moines and got laid off, we'd have to move all the way out of the state just so I could get work.

I could move to just outside NYC, but it would probably cost me MORE to commute to work, plus the house would cost more and the taxes would be more.

(also if my DH WERE in the car business, we'd have to stay in NY because that would be where his car business was)

You have an 850 square foot garage? All I can say is, WOW!

(oh, and my apt. is a co-op, not a condo; subtle difference, though. nearly all owner apts in NYC are co-ops; though more condos are being built than before)

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Sorry. Just trying to relate stuff I pick up on the net... that's why it's so important to find out facts rather than assume!

Do a google on tally and you'll get the car thingee.

forgive me for still breathing while questioning a bastion of "that home site"

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Sorry, Talley should be googled.

I really do appreciate your "organizing" input on this forum. I'm really sorry if I offended you.

I also appreciate your input on other forums.

For what it's worth: My "so called 'SO'" doesn't make a decent income either. ... But he takes care of me.

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No, you didn't offend me. I'm just sort of amused, that you'd think you knew enough to ask that question--or should I say, challenge my life? (hmm, maybe you did offend me a little bit--I didn't ask you WHY you have an 850-square-foot garage)

But MY name is Talley--and it's not my last name, either. That's a HECK of a leap.

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That may be sort of like "Is it ''Sue, Talley' ... or 'Talley, Sue' ... or neither ... or something.

Soetimes I wonder whether we're coming or going.

ole joyful

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Talley Sue, it's probably none of my business (and if this is a correct assumption, please let me know) but I have always been curious to know what type of publisher you work for. If it's a book publisher, what type of books and in what capacity? I suppose the reason for my curiousity is because my daughter works as a marketing manager for a book publisher in NYC.

As I said, if this is beyond what you want to disclose, I understand perfectly. I certainly won't take it personally.

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Marie, I don't really want to put on the forum who I work for at the moment; it's tends to dominate any conversation thereafter, somehow. Which is very cryptic, I know.

I work on magazines, mostly national consumer magazines, as a copyeditor (the one in charge of grammar, abbreviations, proofreading, typesetting & shipping to the printer).

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I figured you wouldn't want to but it never hurts to ask. I would probably be the same way. At least I now know who to come to should I have a question about grammar (LOL).

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Talley Sue,

Grammar, proofreading and ...

... you didn't mention spelling.

You must enjoy some of the messages here!

Good wishes for a happy weekend.

ole joyful

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It is tremendously fun, joyful, to read the messages on the board from my professional perspective--and I don't mean in a snickering, "aren't they dumb" way.

I learn a lot about what people "hear" and how the language works, etc. it helps me do my job; and it interests me greatly.

One lesson is that communication happens even WITH misspellings, using the wrong homonym, mangled metaphors or idioms.

Oddly enough, I'm even considering writing a book about it--about what sorts of richness is in the language of misspellings.

My favorite is the woman at another organizing board who titled her post "Moving Whoas"

I expected to find an account of all the things that were slowing down or interuptting her move--but no, what she meant was that moving was hard, difficult--"moving WOES"

But "moving whoas" is MUCH more interesting; much more proactive. What a great attitude--to greet difficulties not by sayin "woe is me," but by saying, "whoa, look at that!"

It is fun. I try never to correct anyone (though I've occasionally told someone to trust themselves more bcs they *did* spell a word right; or if they've indicated they'd be willing to know the answer, I might tell it to them)

I figure, who wants to have someone "grading their English paper"online!

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I'd like to thank you for the view of NYC life-of-a-real-person you give in your posts.

Now I'm going to measure my gargage. :)


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you're welcome, Susan.

The funny thing is, this weekend, while you were measuring your garage, a neighbor (whose apt. is the same footprint as mine) told me his apt. is 1,100 square feet--not the 850 I've always assumed mine is. I guess I've never counted the closets, the foyer, or the space the interior walls take up (I usually multiply each room individually and add it together).

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Sort of figured the closets, etc. were a bonus, I guess?

Works all right - till you find a house that doesn't have any.

o j

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