My fireplace stumped the gas man!

Beth ParsonsNovember 19, 2008

I'm living in my childhood home and the gas fireplace was installed/hooked up to the propane line almost 20 years ago but never used. We had the gas company out to inspect it today and at first he said we had a ventless unit and closed the flue. Upon further inspection, he found some metal tags that gave instructions for "venting an unvented appliance" and suggested I look the log set up on the Internet to find the instructions. It's a Sunbeam product, model UV-124. Google is a dead end. Anyone out there know anything about this vented/unvented thing? I'm completely clueless about this!

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There are special gas log units designed to be used in unvented fireplaces. They can also be used in vented fireplaces.

These gas log sets usually have their own make, model and serial number as equipment that can be installed in a variety of different fireplaces. It sounds like that's what you have.

Based on the comments you report from the repairman, you may have an unvented fireplace with this set of gas logs which can be used in either vented or unvented fireplaces, but that's just guessing.

Frankly, unvented fireplaces are a lot more likely to cause health and safety hazards than vented equipment. I wouldn't have such equipment in my house, the risk is too great, in my opinion.

I'd replace it or do without.

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Beth Parsons


Thanks so much for your reply. The fireplace does have a flue which we opened back up. When we lit it back up, of course all the heat - and fumes, I assume - went up the chimney. I'm guessing it's ok to use this way?

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