What is that futon smell?

thetoeMay 5, 2009

Every futon I have ever been near has presented what I find to be an offensive smell. I have a much more sensitive nose than most people, so perhaps most people don't notice it. But as far as I can tell, all futons have a very strong smell which I cannot identify (not just new ones either... a futon can be brand new or ten years old, and it will have the same strong smell).

Can anyone tell me what it is about futons that gives them that smell? I assume it is a treatment, perhaps for fire retardation? Or maybe it is the materials.

Any hints would be appreciated.

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Outgassing of the inner core materials. Most fire retardant is done with Boric Acid, which is largely odorless.

There are ways to get custom futons that do not smell, but they will not be inexpensive.

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I was inclined to think it was something offgassing, but... offgassing is supposed to decrease over time. I have a %+ year-old futon which smells every bit as terrible as it did the day I got it. Just like every other futon I have been near , regardless of their age.

In any event, if it is simply a continuous outgassing of core material, then... what is the core material?


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just another reason to NEVER get a futon!

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