Smartstrand carpet dilema

sharon_vaMarch 5, 2009

I am replacing the carpet in my family room and after reading all the good reviews here I am leaning toward the Mohawk Smartstrand product. The two designs that I am particularly interested in are the Clifton Hills and the Stately Manor lines. Anyone have any good or bad feedback on these products? I have been a little nervous about committing as I saw a discussion on a flooring pro website where they were saying that the Smartstrand product is a good cheap alternative to a good Stainmaster carpet.

Thanks for your feedback.


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did you read the pet proof posting below? There are many posts on here favorable to Smartstrand. Do a search and it will bring them up. Smartstrand is a different fiber and the way it takes up dye makes it more impervious to stains that stainmaster nylons.

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I work for Mohawk and Smartstrand as a fiber is pretty much the state of the art right now. Stainmaster is a good fiber, but Smartstrand certainly is not a cheap alternative to Stainmaster. There are plenty of nice fashion oriented Smartstrand products available of which Clifton Hills is one of. I am not familiar with Stately Manor.

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I just came home yesterday with Smartstrand samples. One Karastan and one Mohawk. Looks and feels very nice and salesmen at both stores are touting its benefits over nylon and past materials. They said its not Polyester but a whole different better concoction.

But reading through the Karastan pamphlet, under Limited Soil Resistance Warranty it states: "Due to the nature of heavily concentrated traffic on stairs, this warranty specifically excludes stairs."

What?!! I've never seen anything like that covering a whole product line before. No way I'm still even considering it. I'm sure when I bring the samples back and tell them why I won't even consider it, they'll have some marketing type reasoning, but I'm not buying.

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Please don't take offense at the lack of carpet warranty for stair applications. **Nobody** warranties carpet on stairs. Nobody. **Nobody**. Not Shaw, not Royalty, not (fill-in-the-blank). Nobody.
Go ahead and consider smartstrand!
(BTW, I am having my stairs carpeted on April 29th, and yes, there is NO WARRANTY for that carpet.)

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enmarrie is correct. No carpet manufacturer warrants carpets on stairs. Stair traffic is different than normal household traffic. You are applying all of your body weight to only a small area of you foot. Very abusive to the carpet. Your stairs will need replacing a lot sooner than the rest of your house. Buy a little extra and save your scraps to replace the stairs at some point in time instead of replacing your entire house.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Carpet Wholesalers

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Let me get this straight, they will tout the carpet durability as being able to live under a rhino for 2 weeks and have a herd of elephants stampede across it as the reason that I should buy it. But, they will not warranty stairs for a couple of kids running and and down for 2 years? Even if nobody else warranties stairs maybe they should put their money where they mouth/hype is.

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Replaced home carpet after 15 years only because it was out-dated. I was suckered into Mohawk�s smartstrand 2 years ago. Carpet is in high traffic areas, LR, BR, stairs, hallway. We have no children, no pet and always take off shoes. Within 9 months, smartstrand was looking soiled. Salesman offered cleaning after a year. They ran steamer over areas several times and blamed it on a shadow. I complained and they said wait and see. Has now been tried 3 times with NO results. Carpet looks soiled and awful. Made claim with Mohawk. They sent inspector who agreed it was soiled. He took a white rag and repeatedly rubbed areas until the rag looked dirty, although the carpet appearance never changed. Mohawk has denied my claim because dirt was transferred to the rag, so it must not be the carpet. What a joke and insult. SMARTSTRAND CARPET IT JUNK. Mohawk DOES NOT honor their warranty.

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I would like to change my opinion of Mohawk. I think my original claim was misunderstood by Mohawk and I am now very satisfied with their response and attention to customer satisfaction. They were very helpful and easy to work with once we got passed the initial correspondence. It is my understanding now that the smartstrand carpet will clean up great with a little different attention to the cleaning process. As with any newer product, the carpet professionals need to be trained as well in the proper cleaning methods. I have Mohawk carpet in my basement, and it has performed beautifully. I apologize for my original rant; I was just afraid I had thrown away a lot of money.

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Less than a year ago, I had installed SmartStrand carpet in 2 bedrooms, an upstairs hallway, one full flight of stairs and stair at the entrance to my home (The carpet installation company said it would be good in all areas). While stains are easily to clean up, the carpet has not held up in high-traffic areas (the "strands" are now "fuzzy"). I might expect this appearance after having the carpet for 10 years, but I thought it would have held up for longer than a year, especially after the recommendation. Mohawk will do nothing about it.

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I purchased smartstrand at Homedepot and about 2 years later noticed it was shedding. An inspector came out and looked at it and it was detirmened to be defective. Homedepot told me Mohawk said they would repace it but I had to pick out a cheaper carpet because the price went up on this one in the last 2 years. WHAT? REALLY? Your carpet is defctive and now I have to pick out cheaper carpet? So I get the phone number from Homedepot to call Mohawk and they say they can't help me because I'm the customer, the store has to call! This is not a joke but it should be!

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For a house with pet accidents- is a felt padding OK or do I need the rubber padding Mohawk is pushing?

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Get the best padding they offer. Its worth it especially for pet accidents.

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I am a department manager for a big box store that sells SmartStrand. There are a couple of things that are misrepresented in a couple of responses. Almost all carpets do not warrant stairs for soil. It's because stairs are a higher traffic area than the rest of the house. However, if purchasing SmartStrand pad, it adds a 5 year, abrasive wear, transferable warranty. This includes the stairs, which is rare for a carpet company. Also, they do offer a lifetime warranty on pet-urine, but I would highly recommend using their pad, because it has a moisture-barrier liner on it.

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We are considering SmartStrand by Mohawk. I have read several reviews and still I am hesitant. My questions are:
Would a berber carpet wear better than a higher pile? Does it wear well as we will be carpeting a living room, small den and stairs-all high traffic areas? I read something regarding "stretching" the carpet when installed? Is this something I need to insist upon?
I appreciate the help.

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We just had smartstrand silk carpet installed. Love the color and feel BUT they did not tell me I would have to purchase a new vacuum! We have a Dyson - appears it is too strong - now I find out it has to be one that has manually adjustable height control or be able to greatly change the power of the sweeper. Carpet is about 3/4 " high and soft - guess too soft to sweep. No mention of this in carpet info! That increased the price of updating!!

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Let me set the record straight on SmartStrand. It is pure junk. I wish I could post a photo of my carpet. I installed it in my bedroom and hallway and office 2 years ago. I was told when I bought the carpet that Mohawk guarantees the carpet for life and was told some story about how Mohawk had a rhinoceros (could have been a hippo) repeatedly walk on the carpet but it cleaned up beautifully. What a scam! Even the carpet in my bedroom which gets little traffic is soiled and worn down. I had it cleaned professionally as per the warranty. When I told my retailer my problems they tried to get in touch with Mohawk. After months a Mohawk investigator came out to examine the carpet, examined it, said it was soiled. Mohawk still refused to do anything about it. I wrote a letter to the President of Mohawk and (surprise surprise) got no response. I can't stand looking at it anymore (it is really soiled and matted) so I am replacing it with hardwood laminate. I would NEVER EVER buy from Mohawk anything ever again. They do not live up to their warranties and their customer service is beyond poor. If you want to buy carpet, you are much better buying a good berber type carpet. But do not buy SmartStrand - you will regret it unless you never have to walk on it!

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We put Mohawk carpet (Karastan) in our new house a little less than two years ago,and like many of the posters had a bad experience. After about a year it was pilling, loops were coming out and it looked about 15 years old. Where our experience differs from others is with the customer service. We bought ours through a local flooring store, not a big box store. The store owner came out and said it was completely unacceptable, they sent out an independent inspector at their cost and she agreed with his assessment. Mohawk offered replacement but told us that they had discontinued our exact carpet due to quality issues (no kidding) but offered us a more expensive carpet in the same colour at no extra charge to us. They are also paying for movers to come and move all our furniture out and back in after the install. We will see how the new carpet holds up, hopefully much better than the first, but to me they are going above and beyond on the service. Glad we bought from an independent store that has been 100 percent behind us in our claim. Sometimes it just isn't worth saving a few bucks at the big stores.

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@Colleen636 did that work out good for you, I'm just wondering because I'm considering purchasing it, and which one did you get?

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After reading these reviews and comments I realized that there are two products that are being referred to as one. The first is Mohawk's Smartstrand carpet and the second is Karastan's SmartStrand. Mohawk's product is just another carpet while Karastan's is a completely new product. I have been doing research on it and a few weeks ago we talked to owner of the major retail store in Oklahoma about it. He said he had replaced all the carpeting in his house a couple of years ago and if he had know about this product coming out he would have waited. His description of it is that it's a real "game changer". They have a white frieze carpet that they do a demo with. They soak the sample in red wine for a few minutes then hold it under running water and ALL the red wine is removed. He said the carpet fiber just doesn't absorb stains. The company here is actually advertising that if it stains they will replace it at no charge. We didn't discuss stairs specifically.

It would be really helpful it people who are leaving comments on these two products would state whether they are talking about Karastan or Mohawk Smartstrand/Smart Strand/SmartStrand carpeting because there is a world of difference. We are closing at the end of April on a new home and I am definitely using the SmartStrand made by Karastan.

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If you would've read the original post dated a little over 6 years ago, you would know exactly to what they were referring.

Sure carpet made headway in 6 years, but why dig up this post to let everyone know you are going to purchase a totally different brand 6 years later.

You may want to look at the dates of the replies, and note someone already posted about Karastan and Mohawk, 6 years ago.

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