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choufleurJuly 2, 2005

Son, who was of legal age and indigent, participated in Job Corps, a federal job training program last year. Under the program, he was enrolled in a few classes at a local community college. After son completed the program and left the area for the military, he began receiving letters from a collection agency. Son and I sent letters and emails to the college and Job Corps but the entities keep pointing fingers at each other. It is not clear why son owes the money since Job Corps was supposed to have taken care of the tuition. Besides contacting members of Congress, can anyone suggest a way of getting an explanation as to why this money is owed by son. I'd let son personally deal with this situation if I did not believe he was headed for Iraq.

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Have you talked to your local reprsentive? Or even your local district attorney. Also, as he is in service, the legal person in the military will help.

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