Gas fireplace or gas stove in basement

indygalNovember 11, 2007

We plan to build a ranch house with a basement. The basement will be about 1850 square feet with a large part of it finished. We'd like to have either a vented gas fireplace or a freestanding stove in a corner. Which one would be best to keep the basement warm? What size should we use? I'm leaning more toward the stove since we would like a western or lodge look in the family room. There will be doors at the bottom on the stairs to keep the heat from rising up the stairwell.

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Go for the gas stove. They have high efficiency models rated over 80%. Go big, I have a 40,000 BTU model and it easily heats my 1000 sq ft. space. Also, I think the stove has the advantage of heat radiating off the stove body.

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Thanks for the reply, Jasper. Does your stove heat your room up fairly quickly? My husband thinks that a fireplace with a blower in it would put out more heat. I like the look of the stove you installed. What brand is it?

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Does your stove heat your room up fairly quickly?

Yeah, thats the best part. It heats up my space in 15-20 mins. Mine has a blower and thermostat.
In all fairness, there are high efficiency gas fireplaces as well.
Guess you have to decide on the look you want. My stove is a Heat&Glo.


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Since I haven't done much in depth research, I didn't realize the stoves also had blowers and thermostats. That sounds great. Like I said before, we're going for a western or lodge look. Either the fireplace or the stove could have stonework to go give us the rustic effect. I'm leaning more toward the stove at this point. I don't know the cost of framing and finishing for the fireplace. The final cost between the two might be similar. Guess I'd better start that research.

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Yeah, a wall thermostat can cycle it on/off just like your furnace. Also, wireless remotes are available too.

I think the style of some stove lends itself very well to the rustic look. Some stonework behind it would look great. You may want to visit a fireplace shop to see many stoves or fireplaces in operation. That helped me make my decision.

Also, when choosing a spot for your stove or fp, keep in mind the exhaust vent can't be near any windows, doors or intake vents. There are specific code requirements. The fp shop can give you more details on that too.

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Thanks a lot for your input, Jasper. Our builder uses a very good fireplace shop. We plan to check them out soon and see what they recommend for our floorplan. I've checked their website and the only stove they advertise there is the Jotul. I'm sure this forum will help me with the final decision.

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