Brick fireplace covering

ctullyNovember 27, 2010

Hi All,

I have dismantled an 80's style corner brick fireplace down to just the brick surrounding the firebox and hearth. I am looking for a covering for the brick that will allow me to update the look but not break the bank. I will need something that is non-combustible as it is in close proximity to a wood fireplace.

I have found an interesting stucco product from Durock but it seems like a bit of a speciality item that may be difficult to use. I prefer not to use tiles but rather something very non-descript so the fireplace blends into the room. Anyone have any suggestions for products/process to cover the fireplace brick surround?


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You might consider sheet metal that has been painted black matte finish using a powder coating technique. If done right, it would resemble black cast iron which is often used in fireplace surrounds, but is probably more costly than you want to spend. You would need to hire someone to fabricate it for you. I think the black gives a distinctive look that blends nicely with almost any decor.

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