does quality furniture exist?

avi8tornoleMay 15, 2009

I am currently researching a bed purchase. I need a king bed with storage drawers underneath. I found a few styles but after looking at reviews for Pottery Barn, and West Elm I think I would be an idiot to purchase the bed I like. Any advice out there? There is, of course, a price limit. I thought I was spending a fortune at the PB price...

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Are your needs due to having a King size Mattress. OMG they are almost extinct when it comes to home design. That is the biggest part of your problem .. I am sorry but its true.
King Size Mattresses went away I believe in the mid 70's. I know your not liking my post but for what its worth .. You may find getting a Queen Mattress, Your options will be so much wider and cheaper. I wish I could say otherwise and help you - One site that I can think of that you may try is called Humble Abode.
I wish you the Best

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"Are your needs due to having a King size Mattress. OMG they are almost extinct when it comes to home design."

That is SO NOT TRUE!


"King Size Mattresses went away I believe in the mid 70's"

Really? Do you have a source for that?

I wonder what all those "larger than a queen" mattresses are in my local stores then.... if they are not kings, what are they?

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Wow did I make you angry ... not my intent.

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You can buy a bed without drawers, then buy or make the drawers, or have them made. I've seen them on a couple of the DIY television shows. It's just a wooden box on wheels, with a pull handle. The drawers requirement will overly reduce your available selections, and add to the price.

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"Wow did I make you angry ... not my intent."

Nope.. not angry!

(but you didn't answer my questions....)

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Yes, in a nice high end consignment shop! Ha!!

Is there a RITZY town near you with a higher income bracket? If so, look for furniture consignment shops in that area for REAL wood furniture. There are two shops near me and both have some really nice all wood furniture. I seldom get any used furniture with fabric on it unless I know where it comes from. But with today's prices, it would be better to recover and put in new cushions if the wood furniture is in good condition.

My neighbor bought a new bedroom set from a nice local furniture store and got into a jam on the delivery time. So I said I would help and be there when the delivery guy came. Well... the delivery guys dropped the head board in the driveway and a poster knob fell off the head board. It was WHITE PLASTIC under a thin coat of pecan color wood or something that looked like wood. I was shocked as it was a nice furniture store and she paid around $3,000. for the bedroom set. They also scratched one of the night stands and there was WHITE under that... and when I took a closer look, I made a list of each little thingy wrong.

So this el cheapo PLASTIC is under some of that wood in the new stores. I thought about getting a new set as I want to go from a King to a Queen but I will NEVER give up my nice all wood bedroom set if PLASTIC wood is what they are selling now days. Old English scratch remover and I are best friends.

I was the delivery guys worst nightmare. :) I had a long list of every tiny mark and insisted they mark it all on the receipt. Ha! Ha! I pick out every little mark, scratch, the loose ill fitting door and the two drawers and did not nicely slide. Then I saw he was not putting all the screws in the bed frame and asked WHY... so they got more screws from their truck. Duh!

The set looks very nice... a pecan color... sort of a bamboo flavor design... King bed, 2 night stands, l long double dresser and one high boy with room to insert a med. size TV and a couple of drawers under that... all for around $3,100. including a 10% off sale.

I have not bought furniture in a while, so I had no idea they were using PLASTIC under a lot of that new furniture. My neighbor said a new all WOOD set would be around $8,000. for the same type of pieces and that was out of their price range.

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I agree, there are many consignment shops with nice all wood furniture, it may take you a while to find what you want, but if you are patient and not in a hurry, you could find a gem!

I don't know if you are needing king size, but there are plenty of king mattresses, sheets, comfortors and bedding sets all over the place. Good Luck, and please show us your pics!

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If you're in the mood to spend real money, try Hardwood Artisans. I got some furniture from them in 1987 for my kid, and it's still in wonderful condition. The drawers slide like a dream.
I was able to have the furniture customized to my needs. They may have some items in stock, but usually they build to order.

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