Problem with Whitfield Lenox Profile 20 Pellet Stove

mrmichaeljmooreNovember 17, 2007

I am having a problem with my standalone Whitfield-Lenox Profile 20 Pellet Stove.

Every time I leave the stove on the low heat setting, it will inevitably shut down and go into default mode. It doesnÂt matter what speed the fan blower is set at.

Any ideas why this is constantly happening?

Thanks for the help.

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I would start with the damper setting. If you see unburnt pellets in the burnpot you will want to adjust your damper to lessen the airflow. You want to see the pellets wobble a bit in the burnpot, but if you see the pellets jumping or bouncing you have too much air.
If the pellets are blackening and leaving anburnt sections or a hole in the middle you do not have enough.
If your stove goes out after 20 minutes you may look at the snap switch.

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Jimkelt --

Thanks for the help.....

When I burn on medium or high setting, I am not getting any unburnt pellets. They seem to be doing as you say....wobbling in the burn pot.

On the low setting, the pellets seem to just kinda of sit there in the grate and burn....then you see tiny burning embers fly in the air then land outside the grate. But there are still no unburnt pellets.

I took the side panel off the stove to access the damper knob.

What do you suggest I do? Pull the knob out some more or push it in?
By the way, just so I know, if I pull the damper knob out am I adding or subtracting air?

Thanks for the help.

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What does your burn flame on the low setting look like? If it is lazy and draws to the door or side you may need to increase the combustion air. I would also increase the feed rate a little. Sounds like you are not getting enough feed to maintain the fire. Third, how often and how thoroughly are you cleaning the stove and the burn pot. Lack of air is often the reason the stove shuts down, let me know what you find, and I will try to help further.

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Well, I pushed the damper knob in about half way.....

The stove stayed on the low setting all day....with no defaults.

Just to make sure that IÂve got the damper set right, could you describe the flame characteristics I should be looking for??
And any other issues/advice that would tell me if the damper is set appropriately....

Thanks for the help.

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how old is the profile your photo eye in the hopper bin..(thats where it should be or else have the your service man modify it (ever since i've had this up grade done..i don't have you'.re problem any more...upgrade was free. If your photo eye is already in hopper ...its probably looking through a dirty glass..clean glass and problem solved.

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Thank you Assasin for your post! We have been having the same problem. Our manual shows a totally different way to clean the photo eye (never worked). Once I read your post and looked in our hopper bin - there was the box. Easy to take apart and it was really dirty. So far - so good. Hasn't gone into "default" mode yet.
Again - THANK YOU!

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