Did you add a fireplace to your bedroom?

bichonlover3November 14, 2008

I am doing my bedroom in a tuscan style and wanted to add a fireplace. Is it a heap of trouble to add a gas fireplace(I have one in livingroom next door)? Suggestions? Thanks!

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Just make sure you get something with direct vent technology, because it's the only one that does not have any effects on indoor air quality. The codes in many towns disallow gas fireplaces that are ventless in sleeping rooms because they are not safe -- there could be a build up of carbon monoxide. And the vented gas fireplaces are not energy efficient -- most of the heat just goes up the chimney. so direct vent is the way to go.

How complicated the installation will be depends on your particular situation -- room size, whether you use an interior or exterior wall, and probably other factors that can only be sorted by a technically qualified installer. Make sure you hire one with good credentials.

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I wish I can. I wouldn't do gas though. Not only becuase its not available on my street but because I prefer not to pay companies for energy. PLUS power goes out and fireplace is pointless. Just Not the same.

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Hi bichonlover,

Just found this post and am wondering if you ever did your fireplace. I am trying to do Tuscan as well and need ideas.

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