Danger in Blocking Off Gas Fireplace

ChrisX8November 7, 2011

I have cheaply-built home, with a cheaply installed 1980's gas fireplace. Like many here, it is very drafty - cold air just seems to flow right through it, and the between the gas panels into my living room. We don't ever use the fireplace (two toddlers in the house, and the glass gets dangerously hot), so my solution was to cut a piece of rigid foam insulation and cover the opening entirely.

So far it works great, but now I'm worried I've created a dangerous situation, blocking the gas line (turned off) behind the foam. Am I overthinking it? The flu is open (doesn't shut).


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I did the same thing for the same reason last year. But before I closed it up, I reached up and removed the clamp that was preventing the flue from closing. But even with closing the flu, the cold air still came in and I had to block the whole fireplace.

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