Freestanding Metal Fireplace

asmelgNovember 24, 2007


My house is about 55 years old. I have a freestanding metal fireplace that sits on a layer of bricks. The fireplace is not built into the wall; instead there's about 2 1/2 ft. between the wall (behind the fireplace) and the fireplace.

I don't like it b/c there's no mantel, you can't put anything behind it or a mirror above it, no place to hang stockings, etc.

What can I do with it? Should I have a contractor remove it and put a real one in its place? Or is there a way to build something around it? If I removed it and just put a new electric one in its place, would it hurt resale of my house?

Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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Do you have a picture of this debacle?

It sounds like a woodstove with the legs cut off, or a pre-fab fireplace not installed properly.

This is an accident waiting to happen. Does the exhaust flue go up the chimney? Do you use the fireplace?

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