kmcg85November 17, 2008

I have FP with a damper and a gas line (starter) that runs underneath the grate. To the right of the FP on the floor is an insert for the key that turns on the gas. When we bought the home from a previous owner, I noticed there were no logs on the grate but underneath the grate is what seemes like the fake powder and embers you would find in a gas burning fireplace. I know it is not just old ash. I previously had an enclosed gas FP that had a bag of fake ash you could sprinkle around the bottom of the gas logs. This is what I have on this FP. We were told it was a wood burning FP, but why the fake embers and can I burn wood or is this meant for ceramic logs? I don't know the difference. Thanks!

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When you purchased the home, did you have a home inspector? Did he say anything in his report? If not, I would go to a stove and fireplace shop and ask them before you light any wood in there.

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Nothing mentioned by the inspector. My husband remembers a lit fire when he had come back to take a second look before we put an offer in. The previous owner was home at the time. He swears there was a fire going and the MLS listed it as woodburning, but what puzzles me is there is no soot on the inside walls. The inside is a prefab gray brick, not real masonary brick. That's why I have questions.

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Have a chimney sweep come out to inspect the unit. He can tell you everything you want to know about it.

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