How I can make a rough hewn tabletop feel smooth?

taliaferroMay 21, 2009


I purchased a dining table made of rough-hewn reclaimed timbers. The surface is planed and sanded smooth but it's still hard to wipe clean. I was thinking of coating it with wax or some such. However, I don't want to change the color or the look. Does anyone have an suggestions for how to treat the tabletop to faciitate smoother wiping for clean up?

Thank you!

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#0000 steel wool the top, then a coat of paste wax.

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Thank you thecollector! And this will not affect the color/patina, correct?

Also, is there a particular paste wax you prefer?

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Correct. With # 0000 steel wool, it will just smooth it. I prefer colored paste waxes, but no brand in particular (stay away from Briwax brand, however)

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There's my weekend project! Thanks so much for generous help!

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thecollector - can I ask why you suggest to stay away from Briwax brand? I've been using this for years and actually prefer it to Fiddes because it seems to offer better protection. I know they don't sell it in my state anymore because it has toluene in it but is there some other reason to avoid it?

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