Regency I3100 window wash system defective

bobangyNovember 20, 2008

Has anyone else experienced problems with Regency honouring their warranty?

We bought the I3100 fire insert 5 years ago, within one month of burning, we noticed the bar directly inside the door was warping and cracking, we advised dealer who contacted Regency and we were told," the bar isn't needed, we could even take it out if we wanted" as the fire insert worked well otherwise, we left it. 5 years in, we were in the process of requesting our third set of baffle bricks (under warranty) as they tend to crack/crumble whenever they are removed for cleaning. we were accused by our dealer of overfiring our unit if we were going through baffle bricks this often. I shot off a letter requesting a service rep to come inspect our insert and show me any other proof of overfiring. the service rep instead found hairline cracks at the door opening and our entire fire box was replaced under warranty. within 10 days of burning very small fires (it was mild outside) we again noticed the bar inside the door starting to warp, we had been advised when the sercice crew were taking out our defective firebox that the bar was actually our window wash system. the rep contacted regency and again we are "overfiring". very convenient as thie voids the warranty. the service rep took pictures of our dirty window (it only stays clean in a small one inch strip) stating the white on the window tells him we are burning correctly but Regency still will not do anything for this issue. you can tell the bar is only warping in the area the weld was missing and they won't even pay to have the weld done. we paid for a window wash system as may as well of got a solid door for all we see of the fire. anyone else out there with regency prolbems?? would appreciate the help as I think it's heading to court.

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What temperature are you firing the insert at? When metal warps it's usually because of too much heat. And that's why the rep says what he does.

Now, why do you remove the bricks? You just sweep/vacuum out the stove and you're done for the season. In all the years I have had stoves, I never have removed the firebricks unless they have broken.

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there is no temp gage on it but we have yet to have a large fire, only been burning small ones due to mild temp. the service rep even states there is no other evidence of overfiring and this unit is the largest insert so you should be able to burn a fair size fire although we have always burned according to regency's direction, flu only opened up full when we are starting or added wood, than turned down, usually to half. our wood is dry and seasoned, we have definately not been overfiring. I did however ask the rep about a temp gage as I read some of the comments on this forum prior to his latest visit and he said 'not needed'.

as for the bricks, when you clean the chimney, you have to remove them and the airpipes in order for the soot to fall into stove, this is also as per regency's direction.

There is no question in my mind that regency is telling us we are overfiring so they don't have to address this defect. I also don't believe we are the only people with this issue as regency's website states they now have a 'new and improved' window wash system. The window was bar is only warping where the weld is missing as it was shoddily welded.

The rep works for the dealer and he also believes regency should be covering this under warranty but is unable to do anything more than ask and get refused.

any ideas as to how we should handle this? I have a feeling it is going to end up in court.

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I have two cracks around the door opening in my large 5 year old Regency insert as well as a warped, corroded bar across the inside front. Regency has been contacted several times. They requested photos which ave been sent, but after 3 months still no response. From all I've read at many web sites, Regency is horrible to deal with for warranty issues. They will blames everything on overfiring to void any claims. My insert has not been overfired. I will never deal with Regency again.

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I had a warranty issue with my regency last year. The door handle broke. I didn't go through Regency, I went through the dealer where I bought it. They replaced the handle immediately at no charge.

He told me when I bought the stove 10 years ago that should I ever have a warranty issue to contact them, not Regency.

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