Need help finding bright color sofa / chairs

karenlk10May 28, 2011

Can anyone suggest where I could find brightly colored sofa/chair furniture?

My family room is a cheery yellow with bright white trim and accent pieces. I have a channel back accent chair in white with blue trim and the curtains are a small cabana style blue/white stripe. The shears are white but have a leaf pattern. I love it all EXCEPT the sofa and armchair. The sofa I had recovered a few years back in a (I think) pretty stripe of blues/yellows that also has leaves running up the stripes. Hmmm. sounds horrible when I type it but I love it except for the fact that it is getting a little worn and that the last time I had cushions redone they screwed them up.

The artwork is images people in in San Diego settings or near the beach. Several Steve Hanks pieces and Mary Helmreich, if you know them.

Anyway - point is - I'm trying to keep a breezy, casual california coastal type feeling. Which means I do NOT want DARK furniture, but that seems to be all I find. Well, except for the pure white or canvas - but there are lots of teen boys in the house. And black lab. Not a good fit with white furniture.

Where could I look? Or does this exist?

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