Wood burning Outside Air Kit - yes or no?

leeeNovember 1, 2010


I have looked through the forum but most outside air kit questions seem to deal mostly with pellet or gas. I guess Lennox calls it a Combustion Air Inlet on the drawings for my fireplace. So, I own a 1.5 year old house with a Lennox BR-36-2 like in the following link........


When I burn wood it heats up the living room great but seems to remove all of the heated air from the far corners of the house (from wood combustion) making the upatairs rooms ice cold. Will the outside air kit like this..........


.....kit help with this at all? I would like to improve combustion and minimize the already heated air from the inside going up the fireplace. Is it generally a good or bad idea, I dont want to pay all the money for installation and find out it was not beneficial. Thank you.

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I have a similar fireplace from Lennox, except I have the blower to move heated air in the room. I would recommend having the combustion air installed as it SHOULD help with your problem, but bear in mind that even though heat rises it will probably never really keep those rooms warm.


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Hi Dave,
I looked at the fans too but my model does not have any real ducting around to be any good. After looking around the forum I see these are labeled "builders" fireplaces. I know they are pretty low quality, but I wanted to squeeze all I could out of it with the vent if it was possible. I almost dont want to use it anymore because it seems to remove more heat than generated.
The ultimate solution for me would be to throw an insert into it but the owners manual say not to do it. Guess Im stuck here? Is it possible for an insert?

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The best thing IMHO would be to remove the fireplace, close off the wall and pipe in a wood stove. Im going to do this as soom as I can finance the project. THese type of fireplaces arent designed to take an insert and I wouldnt want to take that risk.


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