minigreenhouseJuly 7, 2006

We paid off our house many years ago. The bank told us that we have to record it in the court house. I mailed it to the court house and got returned.

What do we have to do when one pays off a mortgage. Are we supposed to get it recorded?

How can we find out that there is no lien on the house?


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here the mortgage company or bank files the paperwork to release the lien. call the courthouse and see what you need to do.

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Here they are recorded with the State Department of Natural Resources. Same for all titles and deeds. If someone has put a lien against your home, there are time limits before they must take you to court to collect the money. Have you been having problems with someone? Not just anyone can place those. They would have to have done work on the house or you put the house up as collateral for something else.

Talk to a Title company if you still can't locate the information. Should be the same place where you original deed of trust was filed.


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What did you send to the courthouse?
Either a certificate of satisfaction (mortgage) or a deed of reconveyance (deed of trust states) is supplied by the lender and recorded at teh courthouse. You do get the original back after recording.

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