Gas Log Lifespan

memphisreiNovember 17, 2010

I live in the south and we don't have cold winters but enjoy running our gas logs instead of the furnace. Each year my husband cleans our gas logs before use. This year he is out of town and left me instructions on how to clean the gas logs and light the pilot. I chickened out and decided to call our local fireplace retailer to see if they service gas logs and would do the cleaning and light the pilot. The gentleman said, how old are your logs. I explained they are 7 years old. He said in a loud voice, MY GOSH, YOU CAN'T LIGHT THOSE YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THEM IMMEDIATELY!!! I said, excuse me?? He said logs aren't meant to last that long, you have to replace them.

When we built our home 7 years ago we bought very expensive log set from this same retailer. They never said anything about needing to replace them every 5 or so years. Is this accurate or am I getting scammed?


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There are no moving parts in a gas logs system than can wear out. If you clean it periodically, depending on how often you use it, it should last a good long time. The only thing that could go wrong is some corrosion of chimney parts that are exposed to the outside. But even that should not happen so fast unless a storm damaged your chimney. Go to another gas logs dealer.

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