Spacing between replaced wood floor planks

ranchoguyMarch 7, 2013

I had a leak in the kitchen which meanst the whole kitchen had to be ripped apart, dried and rebuilt. In the process, the remediation tech made a long dent (covering 6 planks) on my wood floors. Needless to say I was very irritated! I found the manufacturer and ordered a box of the exact same floor pieces. The contractor who is working on the kitchen (and will fix the floor), is telling me that the spacing between the replacement pieces may not be as tight as the existing pieces even when it is glued in. I certainly do not want this as I am a perfectionist who wants this done very well. . The pieces are the tongue in groove kind, and these are 6 continous pieces, so they all need to be removed. My question is whether the bigger spacing thing is normal or if I should get someone else to do the floor. The pieces are very close to the wall, so we can remove all the pieces all the way to the wall if necessary, but I would like to avoid this if possible. Can we remove these pieces in isolation (withoput going to wall), and replace them such that the spacing will be the same as before? There is another piece by itself (not close to the wall), which I would like to fix as well, and the answer to the first question will tell me how to fix the second "lonely" piece. All answers would be deeply appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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What do you mean by spacing?

If you are saying that the contractor is telling you that you might have slight gapping, then he is setting you up for that possibility.

Just because you ordered the exact same product, does not mean that it is from the same run of product, unless you specified that the replacement product be from the same run. If your flooring is not from the same exact factory run of product, you could have color and shade variation, gloss level variation and slight size variation. Perhaps that is what the contractor is telling you in other words. Hopefully your material will match perfectly.

If everything is the same, there should be no reason why the repair cannot be invisible...I do it all the time. However, a repair cannot be rushed and the installer needs to take the time needed to get the best visual result possible.

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