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nostalgicfarmJuly 22, 2011

Just curious if anyone has refinanced through ING. Was it pretty easy, or did you run into problems?

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At my last job, several clients financed and/or refinance home through ING. Yes it was an easy process and a good interest rate.

All of these clients had excellent credit and substantial investments.

ING does not escrow taxes & insurance (at least at the time), so be prepared that you will have to pay these on your own.

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I believe you will soon be dealing with Capital One. They just bought ING's American business. ING, like AIG, was forced to divest some assets after being bailed out by their government.

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While I would maybe not like Capital One, I am more concerned that now that I am approved and going through the process, that they will come back and decline us. I don't believe that the appraisal will come anywhere on the low end or below allowing me my 20% equity. Our income is also 10% more than I put on the application, so that shouldn't be an issue. Although the bonus that we put down was only this year and last year, and not on the W2 from 2 years ago. I am just paranoid that they'll come back and decline it. I guess I just have to wait a few more days....

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