cracked Asbestos tiles in CT.

1magineMarch 23, 2011

Buying a home in CT built in 1961. The basement is finished, but the utility room (washer, dryer, boiler, water heater) area is bare floor. In front of the boiler near the air handler is a bunch of cracked and chipped asbestos tiles. It appears as though the homeowner or someone else tryed to pry them off or remove them. The tiles also appear to run under a walled off section of the finished basement. I know that I should not disturb VAT or other asbestos tiles if whole and I can/should just cover them.

1. Given the state of these tiles, should I just have them gently washed, sealed and covered? Or should I insist the homeowner have them professionally removed prior to close?

2. Given that these tiles are broken, chipped and the mastic exposed right in front of where the air filter goes, should I be concerned that there may in-fact be an air borne issue throughout the house as well?

I will be working in the finished part of the basement for 8-12 hours a day (I work from home). If that make any difference whatsoever.

Appreciate the advice.

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I would tell the homeowner to get them out of there. It would not bother me at all as the risk % I feel is minuscule. But that's me and you should have them removed so you'll be comfortable.

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Chip 'em up. Unless you use a grinder or sander, you aren't releasing dust-size particle into the air, and that's what you want to avoid. Minimal concerns here...

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