Harman Accentra

mol36November 20, 2007

Hello Everyone, I have a problem with my stove and I can't figure it out. I keep getting a 6 blink error but do not have or experiencing smoke inside the hopper. I have changed the esp probe and the piping from 3" to 4" right from the stove straight out 60" with a 45' on the end still same problem. Had the tech hook up his ddr to the unit and said everything looks good. This stove gets cleaned top to bottom in and out so I know my cleaning job with the stove is not the problem. Can anyone recommend anything to fix or replace.

Thanks Andy

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Do you have the optional outside air pipe hooked up or are you running without one?

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Andy - I am interested in purchasing an Accentra. How do you like this unit? I'm considering the Quadra Fire Castile but think the Accentra is still superior. Any thoughts?

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I have the accentra fireplace insert love it except for the thing that holds the hopper door open that wears out n 2 years but replaced free
i have outside air but mine has the outside air coming inside of the double wall exhaust pipe so it get preheated before burning

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Check the air intake attached to the feeder, there's a little flapper that may be stuck closed.

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