Carolina Lifestyles Laminate Floors

ginnynashvilleMarch 19, 2011

So, I found the laminate flooring display called "CAROLINA LIFESTYLES", and I really like the styling of them and the built in padding for sound barrier. However, I can not find anything about them as far as how well they perform, etc. I know that they are made by a European company called Lamett. The display is pretty, but that is all I know. The Lamett website does not show this particular style. Does anyone know the AC ratings of the Carolina Lifestyles? It is so pretty, but can't commit to something without being able to research it to death! My previous post on 3/17/2011 called "Highest Quality Laminate Floors" explains the rest of my story. We are hardwood people that have a need in a particular area for laminate.

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Carolina lifestyles could be a buying group name. If so you will need to know the crossover name. Ask the retailer to give you the information you need. If they can not, it is time to pass on it and keep searching. Remember, if they are unable to service before the sale...will they be any good should there be a problem after the sale. Your retailer should be able to point you to the product or get a spec sheet faxed from the distributor within minutes. Lamett is distributor driven..meaning they deal with distributors who deal with retailers who deals with consumers. I gave my opinion on lamett claims on your previous thread.I eliminated their laminate from my lineup. I do carry their hardwood (Appalachian) I believe it is called. Nice looking stuff.

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