Best type of fabric for dogs

cathytx3May 15, 2007

We are in the market for either 2 recliners or a sofa. My question is, what type of fabric is best for dogs? They are allowed on the furniture and my main concern is the hair accumulation. Dirt, I can handle. It's constantly having to rub our current couch with a rubber glove that I'd like to get away from.

Leather is out of the question. I kind of like the look of denim but don't know how it'll "wear" after a few years.

Thanks for any help.


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Denim will hold the hair. Any type of microfibre is great for pet hair as the hair falls right off. I'm sure there are other fabrics, that is the only one I'm familiar with.

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I had a nice denim couch cover but it started wearing out like a pair of jeans in certain areas. I have 2 large labs and only have leather now . Its easier to wipe down and doesn't collect hair.

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Microfiber and leather are both good. Do the distressed leather that way if you do get a boo boo it will just blend in.

Another thing make sure the color matches the pet. Seriously. I have a black dog an black cats so I have dark furniture and dark carpet. I cat sat a long haired orange cat one time. If I want an orange cat Im gonna need to buy an orange couch. LOL.

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I have a mastiff and he sleeps on my couch. A microfiber sectional. It is easy to clean even with his hair and slobber.

Here is a link that might be useful: modern furniture

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I've found that sturdy fabrics such as corduroy hold up very well against both dogs and cats. I recently bought two sofas in heathered velvet from Restoration Hardware, and they've been great. The best fabric is supposed to be Crypton, but I've never actually seen it. Crypton now sells moderately priced sofas in their signature fabrics. When I called to inquire about them, the company was amazingly receptive. They also are quite willing to send out fabric samples.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crypton Super Fabrics

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Stanlie--you are so right!

I'm now trying to decide whether to find a new sofa that matches my black/grey/blond (brindle) terrier, or ...
find a dog that has navy blue fur!

(to OP: bypass chenille texture. it's a real hair-grabber, i've found)

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