gas fireplace in basement--how to vent?

dgmarieNovember 27, 2007

I'm interested in adding a gas, vented, fireplace to our basement game room. The fireplace would theorectically go in a concrete niche that is already in the foundation wall (above it on the first floor is a jut-out section of the master bathroom wall where a tub used to sit).

I assume that a gas fireplace needs some sort of chimney to exhaust it, however you could not put a chimney or vent straight up from the fireplace because the room above it has windows directly above the basement. In otherwords, any chimmey would be seen sticking straight up outside the master bathroom windows.

Here is the side of the house where the fireplace would potentially go. The windows you see here are the master bathroom. Directly below would be the gas fireplace. also directly below the window: the two A/C units.

I have ZERO experience with a basement fireplace or gas fireplace, and am wondering if such venting issues are not a big deal or if I should completely reconsider the location. How obvious as the exhuast vents?

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Maybe direct vent is an option. The vent could be mounted in the wall below the window, but it can't be too close though. Best to have your fireplace installer survey the area.

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