Leather sofa: reupholster just seat cushions/evaluating springs?

flseadogMay 20, 2009

We have a Classic leather sofa that is more than 30 years old. The seat cushions are cracked and ripped in a few places but the rest of the leather is fine although it does show some wear, especially on the arms. I wanted to get a new sofa but the entire family has threatened to disown me if I do so since they all say it is the most comfortable thing they've ever sat in and is perfect for naps. Has anyone just reupholstered the seat cushions? If so how does it look? Did you try to match the leather or did you get a coordinating fabric? Ours cushion covers are removable from the sofa and zip off of the inner padding.

Also, if I'm going to keep the sofa I'd like to fix anything else that may be wrong. Is there a way to tell if sofa springs need to be worked on? (I don't even know what the term for it is). They don't squeak and the sofa really doesn't seem to sag so I don't know what other criteria I could use to evaluate the springs. It's just that the sofa is so old it seems like some sort of tune up would be necessary.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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It's possible to do, but to 'restore' this to its original state will cost you more than an all-new piece. At 30 years, you got your money's worth and that sofa is at the end of its useful life for practical purposes. Re-leathering a sofa is not inexpensive to do, and matches to the hides will be very difficult.

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Thanks, collector. I'm not hoping to restore the sofa to its original state but just to make it less unsightly. The plan---well my plan but not DH's---is to refurbish it and move it into his office. Then I'll get a new one for my family room. Anyone who wants to take a nap can snore in the office.

We definitely got our money's worth already but when I was in a very high end furniture store recently looking for a replacement the salesman advised me to hang on to this one even if I completely reupholstered in fabric. In his opinion new sofas were not being made as well as the old ones. Also, DH just won't give it up so I have to do something to make the best of it so I don't go nuts every time I look at it.

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