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dougy2040July 14, 2009

We have found out that our Bank of American Visa payment last month, has gone to an incorrect PO Box, along with 10's of thousands of other people. We can straighten it out, but the offices say they do not know where the envelopes are. Thought maybe those of you who read the posts, might like to know. Of course, if it affects you, you'll find out sooner or later.

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Late charges? Class Action Lawsuit.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Please keep us posted if you hear more!

Here is a link that might be useful: Attorney Miami

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rharvster, instead of ambulance chasing is this mail truck chasing?

Simple way to prevent this in the future, pay online. Why does anyone mail card payments today?

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Why do you care if someone prefers to mail a check? If you think that online transactions can't get just as screwed up you are sadly mistaken. Besides, not everyone HAS internet access.

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I love it when people write a check in the grocery store and then stand there and balance their checkbook.

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"Simple way to prevent this in the future, pay online. Why does anyone mail card payments today?"

nycefarm-"If you think that online transactions can't get just as screwed up you are sadly mistaken."

I agree with nycefarm. I only use two credit cards and I pay these with a money order. I don't need my credit card provider to have my checking account info, nor do I need their employees to either.

Plus, online transactions can get screwed up and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) doesn't insure against online theft.

"In the online banking world, the risks are a little bit different" than in bricks-and-mortar banking, says Ron Teixeira, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, a nonprofit cosponsored by federal agencies and private donors, including computer security companies. "Unfortunately, the risks are a little bit closer to home [in virtual banking] because they exist on your computer."

Example: a computer virus or spyware attack could result in the transmission of account information or passwords to a would-be thief anywhere in the world. Mr. Teixeira points to what happened to one man's online trading account during the summer of 2005. A fraudster, he says, used a virus to infect his computer (which didn't have up-to-date antivirus software), monitor his keystrokes, sell the man's stocks, and move funds to the fraudster's bank. When the man logged on to check his portfolio, his life's savings of $174,000 was gone. He had no legal recourse, but the online brokerage opted to reimburse his account, Mr. Teixeira says. He suggests that a similar problem could happen to someone's Internet bank account. The lesson is to maintain up-to-date antivirus and antispyware software. Consumers also need to download free updates for their operating systems, such as those for Windows, to plug holes that violators may try to exploit.

Even with these defenses, vulnerabilities may persist. Both Teixeira and Colarik warn of so-called "man in the middle" attacks in which a perpetrator intercepts communication between a customer and an online bank and steals enough information to redirect funds. Teixeira says these violations are most likely to happen when a person accesses an account through an unsecured wireless platform, such as one offered at a cafe or hotel, where a thief might monitor a transaction surreptitiously."

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Even with online banking the money could go to the wrong account. Credit cards like to change addresses alot and it is a good idea before you make a payment, your information on the computer matches the paper statement, and keep that portion in a file for awhile so you have proof where you got the information

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I pay my CC's online at the CC site, I get a confirmation number, it is instant.
Of course, I know things can go wrong, but considering all the odds, I go with paying directly at the credit card bank site.
I don't care if my credit card company knows my bank account number . Many people know my bank account number, including all the people that work at the bank.
I never use a wireless connection for any financial transaction, at home or away from home.

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We have straightened out the problems with the lost payment, the Bank of American sent a letter saying there was a "system error". Actually all the payments for a great many people were destroyed. They stated for anyone affected, that all late fees, interest, would be waived. We are not going to mail any payments in the future, but rather drop off the payment at a local branch bank. We are not comfortable with the online banking payment method.
My wife spent many phone calls talking to customer service, and of course, each person had a different answer for had happened. Remember, they said this happed to thousands of payment envelopes.

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dreamgarden, money orders can be a nightmare also. Like putting cash in an envelope. Had ours stolen ( suspect an employee of the company.) Try to straighten it out. You're dealing with the US Post Office who is so incompetent and the meantime, the finance charges are racking up, we're being charged late charges and we finally paid the bill again and never recovered the cash.

I would never mail a money order.


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I like to pay bills when I can directly at the bank or other entities - we do that with our small HELOC, water bill at our town hall, doctor's bills, insurance and have in the past with a previous mortgage and a credit card bill (we usued to pay our old Discover at a Sears store)when it's been locally an option for us and not burn more then a few miles of gas if we can do it while we're out on other errands.

I really do not trust the USPS and only use it as a last resort and as other posters mentioned the online payments can get screwed up. This has happened to us as well. Sometimes, online payments are necessary though when the financial institution is out of state.

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