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stoveguyyJuly 11, 2012

My soon to be ex has boxes of unopened, never used cosmetics. Does anyone have 400 bottles of nail polish? We have a 10x 12 closet with boxes piled 6 ft deep. Some used, mostly new. I assign value by weight, not quantity. If I have trouble easily lifting a box, I assume it's worth a lot. We are beyond individual counting. Could we donate them to a non- profit?

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Your local Goodwill will probably take them and give you a receipt and have you assign the value.

I would value them somewhere around 50 cents to $1 per bottle. Take photos of them before they leave your house, just in case you get audited.

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You could also contact the Domestic Violence group in your area. It would help those women and young girls feel so much better. Also some churches have supplies to give either the homeless or low income people. I just donated a bunch of small soap/toothbrushes etc to my local church.
Also some youth group homes might take some.

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I agree, a women's shelter seems the best place for cosmetic items. I used to sell Avon, and I had loads of "samples", you know, tiny lipsticks, single-use blush, shampoos,etc. I kept them in a box long after I stopped selling Avon. (Not a good thing for me, I'm not real friendly and don't have a huge network of friends to buy Avon, plus Avon constantly hasseled me to meet bigger and bigger goals.) I gave the box to a local women's shelter. The rep I handed it to was very happy, she said women and kids in shelters don't have a lot of "luxury" and beauty items, they even ask for donations of bath soap and kleenex. I felt so good about donating the Avon I even wrote the group a small donation check! Win-Win.

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First time checking out this forum....be aware that not all shelters, etc, may want or even be allowed to accept opened/used items - check first!

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Oops, sorry, meant to say first time in a long time.....

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If nothing else, put them on craigslist( if you have it where you are) in the free section for curb pick up. They are worth something to someone.

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Cavell said the cosmetics were unopened,unused. The Avon samples I donated were also sealed. I would never donate anything open or used. Cosmetics begin to degrade as soon as they're exposed to air, plus I'd worry about possible "tampering" if I bought or sold open stuff.

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