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simoneauxMarch 31, 2011

Our home was built in the early 1900's. We have original heart of pine (tongue and groove) floors in the living room & 1 bed room. This house has been added to several times. We recently enclosed the small porch and made that area part of our living room. My DH wanted to put new pine floors over the originals and I nearly had a fit! So after much discussion, he agreed to purchasing reclaimed heart of pine from a mill not far from us. We went to the mill and explained (and showed pics) of what we have. He said there would be no problem matching the "select" grade. After ordering enough to do the newly expanded living room and 2 other bed rooms, we receive our order to find that the reclaimed wood does not go well with the original floors. The reclaimed is lighter, and has more knots (character) in it. It's beautiful flooring...but how can I get the different (looking) woods to work together? I have to use this floor! It's not a huge addition to our living room; and the thought is to allow the difference to act as a division from foyer (so to speak) into the living room. I REALLY wanted to use pure tongue oil to finish the floor, but it doesn't match nor does it contrast greatly...My brain is in "over-load" trying to figure this out....Suggestions greatly appreciated!

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You could take existing wood flooring out of existing closets and use that to match the new areas in your living room. Then take your newly purchased heart pine and put it in the closets.

Regardless of whether the bedroom is on the 1st or 2nd floor, I'd just lay the new wood and then finish.

We have oil finished floors. About 5 yrs ago, we added new white oak in a room, while the rest of the house was 1919 white oak. Our flooring guy told us that, over time, oil would allow the new wood to "age" and match the old. This has happened. All our flooring is golden in color. We had to move out of our house for 2 nights at the time the oil was applied because the smell was toxic.

If you want it to match perfectly from day 1, it probably won't happen. If you can let it match over time, oil is the way to go.

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Thanks lesterd for your response. It's not possible to use floors from closet due to the fact that they were laid before walls were put up...also not nearly enough to do the job. DH installed the new wood today and I have ordered the tung oil! Next you wax your floors? Any suggestions as to what wax is best? Briwax is available (in several colors) at my local Ace Hardware...
Thanks in advance to all follow-ups!

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