Freestanding Wood burning stove

geeshNovember 27, 2011

Looking for information on freestanding wood stoves. Bought a vacation home that has a "pretty cool looking newer black w/ copper trim freestanding wood burning stove" in the corner of a room. Naturally I am concerned with safety- so while remodeling I want to do the right thing. Currently this stove about 2' from a corner sitting on "ceramic tile". with z-brick on the walls. The stove has legs about 10" high and has a chimney that go's through the roof with a hood/cap with screen big enough for wasps to get in the house. I want to pull the stove out & re-do the floor under the stove & the corner walls. Is brick my least expensive SAFE option or do I have other options. NOTE: I would like to use this stove occasionally.

*This is a vacation home, next time I get down there I will take some pictures & post them. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I know this is an older post, but, I thought I would chime in. As a minimum, there must be no combustible material directly under the stove, and must continue 8-12" from the sides and 16-18" from the front. We currently have 2 woodstoves heating our entire house, but use our larger main for the majority of the year. It sits on slate tile over cement board, and out from the wall about 18-24". The wall is plaster behind some and plywood on each side. The wall gets warm, but never hot enough to ignite, and only when the dampers are open and the fire is roaring. You could easily do drywall or tile. Ceramic, marble, and slate are all safe choices.

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