Big Spender (A&E)

clg7067July 10, 2006

Did anybody see the premier of this show on Sunday (A&E TV)? I just happened to flip into it because I had a sick dog to tend to.

This couple decided to take a vacation by not paying their mortgage for the month. They take home $3000 a month and spend $6000 a month. $800 a month car payment - WHAT? New house. Husband lost his job and they are living on wife's income because he won't take a low paying job.

Yikes! I wonder how much they got paid to show their embarrassing situation on TV!

I never heard of this guy Larry Winget, but he sure gave them a hard time about skipping that mortgage payment for a vacation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Spender

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No, I've missed that one. The reason should crack you right up... we cancelled cable TV last September. We realized we were spending more time "surfing" to see what ELSE was on than we were actually watching any one thing, lol. So... bye-bye cable.

I was actually going to post about the week long feature on Oprah... about the "Debt Diet". I was filled with sympathy for the 3 unhappy couples featured.

But it boils down to the very same thing. Outright denial about the state of family finances, inability/lack of basic, practical knowledge to deal with them, and spending run amok in an attempt to make themselves feel better. So sad and SO unnecessary.

Money makes a wonderful slave, but a terrible master... thanks, OJ! :)

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I heard about Oprah's Debt Diet and looked it up online.

I was also thinking about canceling cable. The few shows I watch come out on DVD for rental when the season is over - if I'm still interested in watching them after that.

Life without cable. I forgot what that was like. :)

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There was an Oprah show where a woman had $140,000 in debts between student loans and credit cards. She "came out" about her finances in front of her husnand on Oprah that day. I remember she was crying. I cannot imagine ever getting so far behind.

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