Facing material over direct vent fireplace

Reno2012November 17, 2012

We have a Marquis Infinite, 33,000 BTU direct vent gas fireplace inserted a few months ago, as part of a big renovation. There's a TV above the fireplace, and we have been taking our time deciding what to face the wall with.

We finally turned the fireplace on the other day, and after about an hour, the area immediately above the fireplace (which is cement board right now), got so hot, we could barely touch it. We definitely know that the fireplace has been properly installed.

We recently ordered textured glass which the contractor has said he will make tempered, however, he can't guarantee that it wont brake due to the heat.

Help!!! Has anyone faced their fireplace with tempered glass products or had any concerns with overheating right above the fireplace?

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I took the time to download both the installation and Operating manuals for that fireplace,Yet---- I still can't see where the heat comes out of this fireplace, other than the front glass! Is that the case?

If it is, there is little you can do as far as keeping the area directly above the fireplace cooler. I had bought a Valor, but it has a large vent above the glass area, where most of the heat exits. When I first installed the fireplace I was told I did NOT need a fan kit for it.
However, I had an area above the fireplace that stuck just slightly out from the fireplace. That area got very hot, maybe as hot as yours. I added the fan kit, now instead of the hot air coming out of the fireplace and going "Straight UP" (as heat will do), now the heat comes forward a bit and then up, and the previously hot area is now cool to the touch, even after many hours of fireplace use. I have since enclosed that area as well as the rest of the fireplace area with backlit Onyx, but that was for decoration, not to try to "alleviate" any hot spots above the fireplace.

There is a good possibility that the TV repair man may become part of your family, as that heat sure won't do the
TV any good, also make a Chiropractor part of your family, (LOL).

Assuming I am right about the way heat exits your fireplace, (I hope I'm not) there is little you can do to
reduce the heat directly above the fireplace except maybe a Non-combustable mantle between the TV and the fireplace.
Were it my fireplace, I would add a grill with a blower (built into the wall) directly above the fireplace.
I know that might be "Function over Form", but walls as hot as yours would sure make me nervous!

Sorry I can not help with the glass or other type surround.
I believe Onyx can take the heat, not sure about the glue.

I hope you are able to find a fix that not only appeases your sense of decor, but one that will not fry walls or TV.


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