Pine floor redo

pieinskyMarch 17, 2009

We purchased a 1920 story and half in south Texas for our retirement place. It has nice pine floors throughout but they need some care. An old wall to wall carpet was covering the floors for no telling how long, but prior to the carpet someone didn't protect the floors when they painted. There is a fine mist of white paint everywhere. This is the only floors in the house. No sub floor--just 7/8" old pine floors. They appear to have a stain on them and that's all. No gloss finish or heavy build up---just paint everywhere. Any suggestions on getting the paint up or is it time for a sand job? We really wanted the floors to have their original patina, minus the paint. If we need to sand them down completely we might as well install new wood over the pine for better floor insulation

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Rent a Electric Sander and sand the floors until even. Be careful not to go too deep or it will ruin the wood. You can stain the floors or just put a Poly type vanish on them. They will only have to be mopped or dusted, not waxed.

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