Harman Accentra Problem

nordikwolfNovember 7, 2008

Hello everyone, glad I found a forum for Pellet Stoves that wasn't commercially sponsered. I have a Harman-Accentra that has gone through at least 5 ignitors.

The first four could have (could have) been attributed to a bad circuit board that kept the ignitor 'hot' (even though the indicator was off). When the ignitor wasn't working I used gel to start.

I had the board replaced late Fall, and the stove was working BEAUTIFULLY. But alas to my dismay I found the 'Six-Blink' monster had returned. I retried the ignition (auto) and felt the stove and it was cold to the touch.

I have called in for another ignitor (hopefully under warranty), but was wondering if anybody else has had the same problem? If so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Question: I have the stove plugged into an A/C extension cord (12'). Could this be a problem?


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I had the dealer come by to install another ignitor. This time he checked the board and apparently it is shot. We checked the voltage at various outlets and found that it was 124-126. Harman told him that the voltage was way too high. I called ConEd and was told that the voltage was within the 'nominal' range. I am now going to purchase a Voltage Regulator ($130.00) to ensure that the voltage does NOT go above 120 before I have the dealer come in and reinstall the replacement electronics.

Thoughts???? IMHO it sounds like a 'line' by Harman!

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I agree with ConEd. The standard household voltage is 120 VAC and 240 VAC across both hot leads into a house.

My years of experience doing furnace repairs for a gas utility gave me access to a very broad range of experience with hot surface ignitors --- and I never heard of anyone suggesting that a slightly higher voltage contributed to ignitor failure.

HSI systems in fireplace are no different than those in furnaces.

Interesting idea though --- and someone was using their brain to do the test. But I'm personally sceptical that that's the cause.

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I work for a power company. We consider normal voltage as 120+-5%, or 114VAC to 126VAC. The voltage you measured at your outlet should not be a problem. A good surge suppessor/voltage regular would be a good idea.

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I got an APC-LE1200 Voltage regulator. The power out of the unit is 115V, whereas the outlet is still showing 125V.

I think that the power 'overage' may have been frying the board, which then provides constant power to the HSI (Hot Surface Ignitor).

Once I have the board and ignitor replaced, I will know better.

Still a bit skeptical.....

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harman did have a problem with ignitors last year and has come up with a different ignitor. looks the same but the wires are striped. also where the wires come out of the igniter under the burn pot you have to be careful when cleaning under there to make sure the wires are down near the bottom of the base and not going up against the top of the burnpot where the heat can short them

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How do you get the chain drive to stay on? I've cleaned the stove & the chain still won't stay on. Is there a fine clean out I missed?

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