Wood Stove - putting a 'z' bend

offgridnaturemanNovember 10, 2008


I'm installing a wood stove, and it's a simple straight up to the ceiling from the stove.

However a friend reccomended that I put a "z" bend in it above the stove, to help slow down the venting, and allow more heat to get out?

Any opinions on this, as I was going to go straight up and throught the roof?



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Put it in if you want to have a place where the creosote builds up.

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Plus you'll have a dickens of a time getting a brush through.

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Is your friend a professional installer? I have never heard of anything so silly. You need the pipe to go straight up. Make sure you do it according to code, and be SURE your homeowner's insurance company is notified. If you don't tell your insurance company, and there's a fire, you may not be covered! Also make sure you have all permits necessary from your town.

You slow down the venting by damping the stove down, not clogging the chimney.

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