Centiva Luxury Vinyl Tiles for kitchen?

tygerdanMarch 23, 2011

We're doing a kitchen remodel and want to replace the old crappy sheet vinyl floor with something better.

We may use porcelain tiles, but I think it may by too hard good for my elderly parents and my Mom who has foot pain from standing all day at her assembly line plant job. Plus the issue of breaking dishes and cleaning grout.

I looked at Amtico, but it was expensive and the floor store showed me a slightly cheaper alternative, but as durable called Centiva. I like the colors better and it had a lifetime residential warranty/ 20 yr. commercial.

I think the only minor downsides is that it should not be exposed to direct sunlight and the room temperature not allowed to go below 55 degrees F.

Does anybody have this brand floor and how it has held up?


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I am confused about the direct sunlight. Is that in their spec sheet or brochure? I did not take the time to look but this is a first for me if it is published. That's the statement that has me bugged. Also, it is a PVC product which normally interprets to a dirt magnet. The dirt sticks in the pits of PVC product because of its softness. this is just a normal characteristic of Vinyl products. The warranties don't mean a lot regardless of what we are reading.I dont want to sound negative, just a realist. The direct sunlight thing really bugs me. Is it written or salesperson talk? Thanks and Good Luck

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I just read the spec sheet and it actually says it will asphalt stain. PVC, Asphalt stain will occur and direct Light and now even the 55 degree statement interprets to an extremely sensitive lower quality PVC Grade Vinyl tile and I would pass. Save the money and buy Nafco perma stone or an equivalent out there. If it says it will asphalt stain, you don't want it. The BIG downside is that it will asphalt stain. It was a gigantic problem of yesteryear's vinyl flooring and most manufacturers have eliminated this issue through enhanced wear layers, etc. Pass on it and upgrade to a higher caliber or wait a little while longer. Flooring is an investment and you deserve a return ion your investment. all in my opinion of course.

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Oops ya sorry the Centiva doesn't mention about temps or direct sunlight. I think I got mixed up reading about installation temps or something.

Does the asphalt staining mean if I got some stuck under my show from the street and I rubbed it into the floor unknowingly I would stain it? The Centiva is partially made out of some kind of recycled product to be a "green" floor, but does it mean it performs worse?

Our kitchen has three 3'X4' south facing windows but I'm replacing them with Milgard Low-E windows that's supposed to block out 95% of the UV and I'll be using roller shades so I think the direct sunlight won't be an issue as it voids the warranty on the Nafco tiles I read.

It's just confusing with all the vinyl tile flooring types and reading complaints about them from flooring salespeople, contractors and the Internet that I don't know what's good or bad.

Is there a vinyl floor brand that will last 20+ years or just give up on LVT and install porcelain tile and use rubber mats?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Asphalt staining is a yellowing effect that comes from a couple of things. The actual rubber from sneakers can cause it but most it comes from walking outside. Asphalt staining actually gets on your shoes and comes of on your vinyl(giving your vinyl a yellowing effect)It can not be helped or stopped short of taking off your shoes or not wearing them at all in the house. Nafco makes an excellent LVT that should be in the 3 buck range and is warranted against asphalt staining. There are many other good ones out there that will warrant against it. In todays world, vinyl yellowing is something you should not have to worry about. Just my opinion of course. Good luck.

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