Help - Cat urine smell on fireplace brick

DPM925November 4, 2005

We recently bought a house with a lot of cat urine damage. After sealing the subflooring, re-painting the whole house ceiling to floor, replacing floor coverings & interior doors,and removing sliding bedroom closet doors, we could still smell cat urine. We determined that it's coming from the brick on the fireplace. We are considering covering the brick with tile, but if we could get the smell out we'd like to keep the brick.

Any ideas?

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Many pet stores sell a natural enzyme spray that breaks down the urine, and doesn't just cover it up. I have used it on rugs and drywall and it worked great. I would buy a some and try it on the brick.

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Another reason I don't like cats

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Bummer about the cat pee. I've had cats all my life with no indoor peeing problems, but some cats are notorious for marking everything, and the smell is extremely hard to get out.

There's a Nature's Remedy that's just for cat pee. It works really well. You can get it in Petsmart or Petco. It's a white bottle with red graphics. Just let those bricks soak it up and the enzymes can do their work. Good luck.

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I think it's actually Nature's Miracle.

It's also extremely expensive, as it was the first on the block.

There are a number of other types that I find work just was well, but don't cost nearly as much.

Simple Solution is one. Petsmart also sells a brand of their own. It leaves a faint vanilla smell.

Lay a couple of old rags over the hearth, soak with the solution of your choice, and then cover with plastic wrap or tin foil. This will help keep it from drying out before it soaks into the bricks deeply enough to make a difference. You'll likely have to do this numerous times.

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Your right, nature's miracle. I've tried the others, but I think that nm's the best since they have the forumla specifically for cat pee.

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Have you tried vinegar? It would be a cheap first attempt.

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I find those oxy cleaners helpful, try the one that has 2 components that mix together as you squeeze the bottle, I forget the name of it. I have 4 cats and occassionally something will happen , but it sounds like things were out of control over there for a while. good luck

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Check also that it isn't inside the brick firebox. I caught our cat scoping out the gravel bed inside our gas fireplace a few times -- Don't think she actually used it, but you could tell she was thinking it looked like a litter box...

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