Continuing wood floor

suzeo99March 2, 2012

We are continuing some red oak floors (the type finished inside the home) into the kitchen and family room. The family room is a few steps down, but the kitchen is on the same level with two doors to existing rooms. We are pretty set against refinishing the existing floors. They are about 4 years old. They have mentioned something called screening, let is less expensive, but would still cause us to clear the whole first floor of our house to be done.

They are planning to feather in wood for one of the doors - so they will have to dip into the finished room to do this, so I assume this may look odd n the existing room to have some random amount refinished by the door. We could just leave in the header instead of feathering..wondering if that would be better.

Also wondering if we are being foolish to not refinish or screen the whole thing. I think refinishing would be way too expensive right now with our kitchen remodel.

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