Wood Stove Damper question

offgridnaturemanNovember 16, 2008

Any opinion on having a damper in the single wall pipe a few feet above a wood stove that is a straight run up 14' feet and through a roof?

Several stove places, and people have said since the stove itself has a front damper, I don't need one in the pipe. I know the stove I grew up with, never had a damper in the pipe, just the one on the door of the stove.

Any thoughts if I should go ahead and install a damper in the pipe? Does a "double" damper system work better than simply using the one on the door of the stove itself?

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Old stoves and fireplaces were so leaky that dampers in the combustion exhaust were necessary in order to be able to control the combustion process.

Modern stoves are air tight for practical purposes, and the air controls provided do a better a safer job of controling combustion air.

So the answer is you don't need a damper on the vent stack, that installing one is doubtless not recommended by the manufacturer's installation directions and you are better off without one.

In short: don't do it.

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Thanks for your reply!

My stove is an older, 1980's Fisher Baby Bear, don't know if ya consider that a "modern air tight stove" or not? ; )

Supposedly these were considered good stoves back in the day?

Friends of mine swear I should go ahead and put in a stove-pipe damper, just in case I ever get a really roarin' fire, that would take longer to damp down with the door knob thing, and at that point would be glad to have a "off switch", so to speak in the pipe?


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